2019-01-03 12:29:20

Hi all,
I don't exactly know how to describe this, but I'm looking for an app or program to help me keep tabs on how much I am spending (I do not need to set a limit, but keep tabs more of curiosities and tracking's sake), where I can add custom categories such as iTunes, xbox, audiogames, Hallmark ornaments etc, and from there find out my totals in each category or totals overall as I add more things.
other things that are optional: In iTunes, when you make purchases you can make in app purchases or buy music. But also, some of the music that I buy is on cd. Is there an app where I can perhaps drill this down even further, say that it's an iTunes purchase but also add it to the overall music category, where I might store the prices of my cd purchases as well? Same with xbox AND STEAM, WHICH WOULD BOTH count as mainstream games.
Any advice would be much appreciated even for a more basic app, but custom categories are very important. I have iOS, android, and windows.

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