2018-12-31 03:13:48

Can't hirt me, is a book written buy x navy seal, and ultra marathon runner, david goggens. This man started out at 300 pounds, and decided to turn his entire life around. in his youth, david was made fun of for his race, as well as beaten buy his father, couldn't talk do to a studder, had a learning disability, and suffered from being bullied. He has since become one of the toughest men on the plannet, and in this book, he explains through his narration that over coming any obstacle isn't in any selfhelp program, it doesn't come from useless motivation, but from being driven. He believes that strengthening your mind, and teaching your body to work with your brain, instead of your brain working for you, is the best approach to living the best life possible. This book is for anyone who believes that they can't make it. who ever thinks that because of there disabilities or any other hinderences in your life, can't be over come. anything is possible, and in this book, you will here davids inspirational story, and may find that you are your own worst enemie, and learning to over come yourself, is the best weapon you have. its not about becoming successful, making a lot of money, or getting some fancy job. Its about learning to over come any obstacle you face in your life. Wanting to build a better body? get to the gym, and get after it. don't wate until tomorrow. Life doesn't start tomorrow, it starts now, so stop with the excuses, stop with the complaints. They are just your mind telling you that you can't do things. Always remember, you are who you tell yourself you are. I have watched this guys videos and speaches every day since I discovered him, and I have to say, that it is making an impact on my life, and I have to spread the inspiration, and believe that if he can become driven, so can all of us. want to run a 205 mile marathon? go for it. want to do 5000 pull ups? go for it. want to build the next best invention? go for it. want to rule your own life? rule it. Don't be a push over, push over the things in your life that are stopping you. Obsticles aren't there to be gotten around, they are there to be ran through. I advise anyone, and everyone, to read this book. It will change your life. Be bigger, get stronger, live life to the fullest, and run through everything that comes your way. You only get one ticket, so make the ride the best one possible. It won't be easy, but as david says, "suffering is the best way to grow. Doing things that you don't want to do make you stronger. Tripple down on your weeknesses, and you will become better for it." Don't learnto live in fear, kick fear in the ass, and own your life. I believe in you, and I wish everyone, a happy 2019.

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