2018-12-28 17:58:23

Hello all,

there's been a game that has gone viral for IOS since it was released a couple of months ago called Bitlife Life simulator. It's already been mentioned on Applevis but thought I'd give a little blurb here for you guys too.

First, although the game is playable with voiceover and you can quickly learn to get around what isn't so easy to navigate, it isn't perfect. For example the button to buy "Remove Ads" is unlabeled but there is little problem in accidentally hitting it. Also there is a little "16" bit before some of the menus for example "16a Age" for the button that makes you older" Also sometimes buttons are not labeled but going back and forth past them and on them with swipes will usually get a "possible text" remark with what the button says.

Also, in the event an event doesn't go as you want due to you hitting an unlabeled button by accident, as long as you don't doubletap to remove the results window, you can close the game and come back and there will be no harm. Again there are ways to get around all this stuff.

You might also have to quit the game if you use the movie theater if you get an ad from the wrong source. App Lovin' ads are easy to close and get your rewards but their other ad providers are not so easy.

But now to the good stuff.

In this game, you play as a person from age 0 until death, and you do things like go to school, have fun with your family, have kids, build a career, and all that stuff. Also, the game has a crazy release schedule, having new stuff to do almost every week with extensive releases. I've only been playing a few days, but I checked back in their changelogs since the game released a couple of months ago. The game has dozens of career options, lots of educational opportunities. You You can gamble, get plastic surgery, and for those of you who desire it, you have control of your character's sexuality so you need not be straight if you don't want to be.

The game is full of some great random events that crop up every now and then and the game itself bows to the great random pretty often. Some of the family activities are a bit repetitive, but the game is also still in its infancy.

This game, unlike the sims, is not exactly kid-friendly though. In my own short life so far as Hannah Hathaway (I'm still on my first life) I've been offered backstage access at a rock concert for sexual favors, been offered Acid at a club, and I've seen the option to get threesomes lined up with NPCs. If you want, should you become pregnant, you may also have an abortion should you choose. And the plastic surgery options extend all the way to sex change should you desire.  and you can also go into a life of crime and some of that I think can get a little mature as well, but not sure in what way. It is considerably darker and more real than the sims though if you go that route.

also, if you want to steer the game a little more, you can either deliberately and manually add names to the NPC generator by way of custom people or can draft in your contact list as well.

the military is also open to you if you want. and the game has a ton of achievements that is always expanding. Some of my favorites are things that actually happen if you are killed in a crazy way such as being mauled by a hippo or beaten to death with a medieval weapon.

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2018-12-28 18:54:35

hi, yes, I have tried that game once. Naturally my father was a 43 year old cop and my mother an 18 year old unemployed person, let's just not talk about that anymore. But I got as far as the part where you try for your driver's license. That has you do things like match the right roadsign picture. How do you guys get past that?

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2018-12-28 19:30:45

Is it a text baced game?


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2018-12-28 20:04:44

I personally like it, and I'm on their case about fixing the buttons. The possible text thing doesn't always work, and when it doesn't, we want real labels. The more of us who push for that, the more likely we are to actually get it.

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2018-12-28 20:28:56

I'll take you on one at a time


For things like the driver's test, you pick one at random. If you are wrong, and it says you are wrong, do not confirm the action by double-tapping the results. Shut down the game and then come back and try again. The game autosaves after each result/action, if it doesn't save your drivers' test, you can try again. In other words, you know the results spopups when you do stuff.  as you have played some. If you don't close those popups before leaving the game, it will be like they never happened and you can try again. For example you get the drivers' test when you are 16. when you age to 16, you are prompted to take it. If you are right, confirm your results by closing the results popup and go about your business. If you are wrong, close the game without closing the results, and when you start up again, you'll be 15, and all you have to do is hit the "age" button again and keep trying. There are only a few choices each time so it shouldn't take long to get that sort of stuff right.

Mohammed: Yes, it is a text-based game, though there are a few minor graphics and sound effects here and there., but again, you can get around them.


How can we get in touch with them to say about the labels? I'd like my voice to be part of that conversation.

and also a bit more accessibility advice.

Sometimes, especially if there are several choices to pick from, there might be options farther down on the page hidden among the menu listings and such by themselves, so be thorough when checking for that sort of stuff. Also, sometimes a triple tap works to turn on and off voiceover really fast. And some things that voiceover labels as buttons aren't buttons at all but are random page crap the system is picking up that isn't really there.

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2018-12-28 21:26:29

it looks playable but the unlabled choices are anoying

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For those interested, BitLife is on Google Play via the link above.

For all Android screen readers which have "Auto Labeling" available (or if using "Audex/Sonic Vision,") you should have more of a nicer time with the game than iOS folks.

2018-12-28 23:19:27

for the most part, my character is nearly 30 and I haven't come across anything that truly isn't labeled in terms of choices, though a couple ad buttons and such are not.

Generally if you go past a choice that is unlabeled and then go backwards, it will say it when you back up to it. If it is the last thing, usually going forward again even when there is noting after it on the page readout will get it to show up.

There are some problems and we definitely could get better and should ask for it, but  I've found ways around all the problems so far. But I am hoping they make it better because yes, some of the stuff is frustrating.

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2018-12-28 23:48:51 (edited by Chris 2018-12-28 23:50:27)

I have tried sending an email and tweeting them on Twitter, but I haven't received anything yet. It's been almost two weeks and I really hope we aren't being ignored. You can tweet @candywriter or email [email protected] with information about improving the VoiceOver support. These issues are very easy to fix if someone sat down and looked at Apple's developer documentation. I'd also recommend sending them the link to it which can be found at https://developer.apple.com/accessibility/ios/. You may also want to send them links to this thread and the page on Applevis so they can join the conversation and directly engage with us.

I really want to see this made fully VoiceOver and TalkBack accessible. We don't have a game like this.

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2018-12-29 00:04:13

what do you mean with almost evrything are labled, all of the conversations seems unlabled

2018-12-29 04:21:11

I don't have trouble with conversations at all nor do I have trouble with social interactions on that front. When I get them unlabeled or technically unlabeled, I zip ahead of somewhere that isn't telling me what it is and then go back and that almost always fixes it. I'm using the latest version of IOS on an admittedly old iPad if that matters.

Basically, when you get to something that just says "button" swipe right and then left again relatively quickly and that tends to clear it up, though if you move off it you might have to do it a second time if you want to get on that button again. Otherwise it is something I have never had trouble with.

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2018-12-29 10:32:48

Well, i'll certainly wait till it gets better labelled, in 1 out of 10 situations i find the label with possible text but in other situations i just swipe back  and forth and nothing happens.

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2018-12-29 12:21:03

Post 7, thanks alot, at least we have a life sim on android.
A question though, do I need to have internet to play this game?
Gonna download it right now.

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2018-12-29 12:38:23

we shouldn't have to close the game a zillion times because the developer hasn't labeled the buttons, and I won't stand for it. I'm going to start charging for services like this, since being an advocate makes good money and there's no other job I'm going to get

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2018-12-29 12:42:12

Well, the google play link provided here doesn't work sadly and I can't find the exact title, BitLife on play store.

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2018-12-29 16:51:53

It says the same sadly, really wish I can get it to work, I will try from my phone.

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2018-12-29 18:01:02

the  play link not work anymore.

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2018-12-29 18:08:13

I got a character made. I couldn’t figure out how to change the gender to male so i hit the random button. Now I’m a infant. How do I get past that? I press the age button and my age is still the same.

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2018-12-29 18:09:00

I tried from my phone, item not found, same on computer, I tried searching on google for the game, nothing, do not know what else I should try.

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2018-12-29 18:46:14

in terms of aging, you always start the game at 0 years. when you hit the age button, you age by 1 years each time. However, outside of your profile, that thing where it says age 0 [your name] and all that stuff about your birth and such, it keeps a running report on your life over its entire course. If you want to see your current stuff, there is your name as a button higher up.

If you want to see your most recent events, tapping the screen a little just above the age button will get you to the bottom of that list. I'm fairly active so listening to my entire life story would kind of suck at age 30. You want to check your most recent age-up after you age though because that's when a lot of random events happen, like international politics and events, awards to famous people, your character getting diseases, your family having stuff happen to them,  and some other stuff like that.

I hope that helps. and as for choosing the stuff like gender and stuff at the beginning. The game thrives off of randomness, you don't so much create your character and such as get assigned a random one, and that is as true for the sighted as it is for us. You aren't supposed to play the same character forever anyway and are to move along when your character dies and play again under different, and at the rate the game is growing, expanded circumstances.

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2018-12-29 19:02:55

so here is a question
when iclick the relationships screen and choose a person such as my mom
the options are there are unlabled
how do you guys know that which options is which?

2018-12-29 19:15:18


Looks like they pulled it for some reason from the play store, no idea why either, as I saw it yesterday. With that being said grab it from
https://www.apkmonk.com/app/bitlife.lif … r_android/


I'll be checking this out for myself.

2018-12-29 19:41:37

generally for me, as I've said though it doesn't seem to be working for others always, go to one of the unlabeled buttons, then swipe right, and then swipe left after you are on the next thing. Also due to some sloppy interactions, some of the things labeled as buttons aren't really buttons and correspond to nothing whatsoever and are completely pointless.

Also I'll add a complaint they haven't put up yet however that I think needs to be addressed. On the relationship screen, I cannot read any of the bars that show you how far along you are in a relationship or the levels involved with different characters you know.

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2018-12-29 19:43:22

can i find this amazing game on appstore

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I'm keepping the link in post 7, just in case they deside to "actually" put it back up on their Google Play Page.

In the meantime, if i can find an updated link with the latest verion, I'll post it here.