2018-12-08 16:24:04

Hi all,

As the topic says, I am unable to upgrade from Windows 10 1803 to 1809. When I ran the setup, Windows update went find, after the computer restarted, it says Windows update failed. Do I need to reboot into the USB drive to start the upgrade process? Or can I run the setup.exe from within WIndows itself?


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2018-12-08 17:13:28

if it doesn't update, don't force it to, simple. Otherwise something might fail completely.

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2018-12-08 18:17:27

do not yet upgrade to 1809. bugs is present with file extraction. media player seaking broken, and file asssosiations. for default apps. your milage with encountering these bugs will very. but you are for warned. further more. a bug exists in the bluetooth audio stack that affects apple airpods connectivity. again. your milage may very. you've been warned.
a bug exists between microsoft and apples icloud software for windows. if it finds you have it installed, it will prevent you from installing 1809.
once more. you've been warned.
now to explain how to upgrade to 1809.
1. backup your important documents.
2. create a system backup in cace you need to role back.
3. download the 1809 iso.
4. mount it.
5. start settup and select the box that says, get the latest updates.
6. on the, what to keep screen, select files and apps.
7. select, upgrade windows. do not select custome install.
8. now wait at least 1 hour as it prepares files.
9. while it reboots a very very long time wil go by before it returns. your hardrive will be working alot. don't try to cancel this while its busy.
10. hopefully you've now managed to upgrade to 1809

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2018-12-09 01:48:37

If all else fails, and you really want to upgrade now for some reason, you can format your computer and clean install Windows. To be honest, I recommend this over upgrading in most cases anyway, at least if it's been a couple of years since the last time Windows was clean installed. You'd be amazed how many small problems can be solved just by doing that. Since major Windows 10 versions come out every 6 months or so now, I don't do this every time, but if I do an upgrade and encounter weird issues that weren't there before, I break out the talking PE disk and nuke everything.

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2018-12-09 02:36:04 (edited by Socheat 2018-12-09 02:36:42)

You don't need a Windows PE to do a clean install now. Windows 10 has its builtin Narrator support while installing.

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