2018-12-08 15:36:37

Hello everyone!
I am very excited to play this wonderful game, but in recent times the mechanism of the game itself has begun to upset me!
I will give an example.

We play mini games plus battle.
2 players.
participants played 13 games out of 15
Suddenly at one of them the Internet connection is interrupted.
Action program in this case:
The game closes, and even regardless of the results, the game has to start from the beginning.
I have a suggestion to the developers.
If suddenly this happens and one of the participants left the mini-games, then let the system without loss of points and other bonuses protect the victory for the player who remained.
If the player played, and won, say, 14 games, and on the 15th game the Internet connection broke, or the player left behind, then agree that your work in the game was in vain!
I am grateful to all translators, developers, and all those who corrected and supplemented the Crazy Party.
I just want all players to get for their victories in this wonderful game.
If we say 1 player left the game on purpose, the system automatically awarded the victory to another and awarded him points and other bonuses.
Do consider another possible options.
option 2.
After he left the game, he, or he was helped, the game would not stop, the server would remain open, and the participant would have the opportunity to return to the game.
But here it is worth thinking about the time, which perhaps should be optional during which the participant can return and finish the game.

option 3.
When you exit the game, one of the participants is relevant in the case when 2 players play.
A bot would be added which finished the game for the participant who left the game to its end. and the victory would be awarded to the one who wins the game.
I want to hear your opinion!
Do you think this judgment is true?
vote and write your answer!
Thank you all in advance for your answers! -

With good wishes, Ilya!

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2018-12-08 16:07:12

i agreed you. And 1 option from me: good will be if spectators can chat

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2018-12-08 21:22:46

From what I understood from option 2, you want the game to continue and not stop after the player leaves.
Well here is the thing:
If the player leaves, and if that player was the host of that game, of course the server will shutdown and you and the other players will be disconnected.
However, if an other player leaves and he's not the host, the game just continues and moves on no problem.

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2018-12-08 21:48:07

In this case, you can do as in QuentinC's Gameroom.
Ie the other party becomes the server organizer.
This should solve the problem when the organizer leaves the server due to technical or other problems.

With good wishes, Ilya!

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2018-12-08 22:05:13

Well, ilya there is the thing. How would you change the server organizer/host if for example ports of all other players are closed?

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2018-12-08 22:31:11

This game needs a central server. I don't understand why this isn't the case. The developer already has a central server to host the server list, so why not use that server to host games? How much traffic does this game really use? It shouldn't place a huge load on the server if all it transfers is status information for each player.

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2018-12-08 22:49:09

I agree. Why can’t  they use a  central server?  There have been countless times when I’ve been disconnected from a game so close to the end or well into it.

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2018-12-08 23:37:00

Central server must be bantwith issues. Remember, hosting a server list is nothing. All the clients do is transfer their username and the IP address to the server. For a game, it's data transfers of potentially 10 hosted servers at the same time, you also need a server with low latency which free.fr being a free host probably isn't.

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2018-12-09 00:34:54

Plus, the game is BGT and I don't really thing that pragma has a VPS server to install WINE and all that stuff.

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2018-12-09 01:08:30

I agree with the first suggestion, that if someone leaves the server and you're the only remaining player, you should be able to keep your points.

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2018-12-09 07:52:25 (edited by Dark 2018-12-09 07:52:57)

I think Turtlepower and the original poster have the write of it here, if two players are left and one leaves, the one who doesn't leave should get some sort of bonus for their time and effort rather than the game just quitting out, ditto if the server connection of the one hosting  game times out.

I wouldn't suggest swapping server info though, not with the opening port problem since I could see an issue  three people were playing, the host quits, and then neither of the others can host the server due to the port issue, rather just give the two people a small bonus for their trouble and move on.

Indeedd, I don't imagine this would be hard to write into the code, just award say something like number of participants remaining in game x gems to any participants when an online game goes poof.

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