2018-12-05 17:01:32

Can anyone suggest good muds? I checked mud connecter, but there are too many options. I've only ever played alter aeon, which I enjoyed. So at this point I don't really have particular preferences, I'm willing to try any type of mud if people think it's good.

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2018-12-05 21:37:04

Empire mud is pretty good. empiremud.net 4000

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2018-12-05 22:07:45

Try the unofficial squaresoft mud if you are into final fantasy. There is a soundpack floating around here somewhere here thats easy to set up. Just extract it and run mushclient.exe from the extracted folder.

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2018-12-06 03:49:22

Altereon with the Mush Z soundpack...
Miriani if you can handle drama and enjoy SciFi.
Godwars II is complicated but awesome, with much better combat than 95 percent of MUDS out their.
Aardwolf aint bad...
Awakened Worlds if you enjoy cyberpunk/shadowrun, but almost no one is ever on if that matters to you.
Age of chaos, especially nice if you've read wheel of time but still great if you haven't.

I don't play RP heavy stuff really, and their are still many others to choose from, but that's just my list.

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2018-12-06 05:42:29

Alteraeon is a good start, though bare in mind other muds aren't quite as well put together in the soundpack department, so don't get spoiled on the idea of  muds always being audiogames.

Also, check the database since several muds have pages here, especially those with good screen reader adaptations.

For what muds to play, it depends what you want.

If your more into the hacknslash, aardwolf or Erion. Aardwolf is larger, but with harder quests and more eclectic areas, Erion is smaller scale but is over all more focused, plus it has great random systems.

If you want to get into crafting and rp and exploring, Clok is definitely worth a try, while if you fancy something focused around a scifi universe I'd personally recommend cosmic rage (which also has an amazing soundpack).

If you want to explore, do quests and learn about the world, Frandum is what I'd suggest.

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2018-12-11 08:19:46

empireMUD sounds interesting. I vaguely remember there being a topic about a soundpack for it at some point, but don't remember the details. Is there and if so where can I find it?

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2018-12-11 14:16:40

Thought I'd put my 2 sents in for what they are worth.
My favorite fantasy mud:
3k, there is no soundpack, but 3k.org 3000.

Roleplay heavy space mud, of course, is Star Conquest, which despite many people saying otherwise, I actually thoroughly enjoy playing when I am looking for an escape from reality.

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If you're looking for a flexible mud where the hosts tailor it to you, my own cosmic rage is obviously top of my list, but I think there is a genuine case for bias.
cosmicrage.earth port 7777 for that department of things.

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