2018-12-02 19:15:15

hi, i've come accross this new game developed by my friend, called blind mini games. first let me give you the link, then i'll talk about it.
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … dminigames
okay, so as i understand it, this is basicly a sort of mini game colection for anndroyed. there are 8 games at the time of writing this, but more will be added soon. i do not know much about this game,  however, if i find more i will post it. please, try it out and give me some feedback.
thank you.

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2018-12-02 19:56:13

um let me download it. Nice too see new games on android!

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2018-12-02 21:09:33

Its a we bit buggy but ok. My favorite is probably the runner game, but when I win, I hear a message and instinctively lift my finger and the message cuts off, or another game only gives me half of the instructions, or sometimes it gives me 2 sets of instructions at the same time. Also there is no universal way to get to the main menu from within a game til its over. 3 times I had to close the app from within the animals game because my actions based on the game's instructions didn't progress the game and I was ready to move on. I'll let the grammatical errors slide for now. As unpollished as it is I will give the dev credit for trying, and perhapse the rough edges will be smoothed out in the future.

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2018-12-03 02:34:34

For a first game, it's really good. Seems like a well put together game, and the more games for Android, the better.
That said, the mini games are a good start but are rudimentary at best, and the check the number game isn't even fair, especially considering it only allows one guess per game. Reminds me of Guess it honestly.

I'm the only adventure at c: master hahahaha I have unlocked just about everything!

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2018-12-03 11:47:05

It's cool we have new games for android. But it looks like 7 years old games ?
Welll, congratulations anyway for your first android projects.

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2018-12-03 13:52:58

Since it is the developer's first attempt, I wont be as negative, but I do hope that this is just a base for much better games. For starters, swiping in the menu is much better than lift to activate model. Then, some games really seem broken. As Jack said, guess the number is really in my opinion not playable for us and is just a game of pure luck and nothing else. When it comes to others, the directions game randomly fails for me at a certain point even though I am sure I swiped in the right direction.

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2018-12-03 17:27:43

okay guys, ive sent the dev your fed back on this game. thank you for your feed back. I'm sure the dev will continue to work on the game and make it better. once again, thank you for your feed back

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