2018-12-02 17:02:44

Most of the code I write makes use of coordinates and vectors to describe the players and objects locations, velocities and similar information. My main issue is that exposing this raw data to the player rapidly turns the games into basic coordinate matching exercises, is there other non visual ways to convey this information to the player that works when needing to reach exact areas?

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2018-12-02 17:15:59

Hello there. Well, another way I've experienced for some games are audio based beacons. You mark the spot you want to reach, and the game gives the player a continuous sound either a humming or bip you may follow to go to said location. Usually it is a straight path to the destination, and the player still have to go around obstacles and buildings to keep following the sound.
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2018-12-02 18:01:18

I use that when possable but often it's not

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2018-12-02 22:42:11 (edited by defender 2018-12-03 05:48:16)

Yeah Swamp and STW would be good to check out in this respect. Swamp does expose coordinates but it does lots of other things too, including the aforementioned beacons.
Games like SBYW, the tombhunter remake, and Perilous Hearts use a four direction viewer. and SBYW and TH add a camera to that.
Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and wizardry, along with GMA Tank Commander use a 360 degree object browser, while Lonewolf can do a circular audio scan that has different sounds for objects around you, similar to Swamp but slower.
You can remove coordinates and even exact distances from this and just use directions, or at least reduce the viewing range.
A similar function in a minimap format kind of like Three D Velocity would work too.
Or you can go bare bones like Treasure Hunt and Entombed, and simply use sound cues to point out corridor openings, doors, ETC. Maybe spice it up a bit like Sarah does with large rooms having more echo when further from the walls ETC. A (have I been here before?) function, some player placeable markers that announce when you walk over them again, even an auto turn to door/opening feature if you wish, similar but not exactly like A Hero's Call's turn to object keys.
It's all up to you and these are just concepts. I'm sure you can modify or build on them as needed for your particular game...

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2018-12-03 01:47:59

Thank you, I'll check out those ideas

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