2018-12-02 19:19:30

An open issue For TDV on GitHub here is requesting an option to turn off the RIO. Can someone help me out here and record an option for this? I'm not a sound designer and don't have the software and time to play with wave files, so if you do record the file please clean it up. It will go in the main game options, the menu that's recorded by Chase. So if you can put the headset effect on it like the other menu options are sounding, that'll be great. Thanks anyone for your help!

Also, male or female voice is fine; it doesn't matter your gender. Please no synthesized voice.

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2018-12-03 00:08:21

hey Munavar, I'll happily do it for you but tomorrow my time. I have an equipment to do this so I'll do. Where should I send the file?

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