2018-11-08 12:45:56


i am more the Hardware Musician than using Software. I like if there's no Computer between me and the Instrument. Now I am looking for midi Controllers wich can be used with Sound modules, Synthesizers and such. Are there Controllers wich are accessible to us, maybe even configurable without help if needed?

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2018-11-09 15:38:00

Maybe someone can suggest Controllers. Like I said, I want to control external devices like Sound modules, Synthesizers etc.

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2018-11-09 16:26:09

If you are referring to any keyboard controllers for this matter, then any midi-ready keyboard controller will get the job done for you as long as it has midi in/out/through on the unit.  Might want to look into the Novation 61SL MkIII.  It's worth noting that setting up midi and everything is generally done by the host hardware or module.

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2018-11-10 18:35:41

Ah, the reason why I'd thought that I have to configure the controller was or is that there are some expanders out there where it is not possible to change the voice for example on the expander itself. So I thought i would have to configure the controller for that.

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2018-11-10 21:09:26

I am not aware about any MIDI controller with accessibility inside or at least in the configuration software. While parameter in question you probably take from the documentation for sound modules, there are 2 distinct problems:
1) how to let particular knob send exactly that signal. Some controllers allow to do this on controller itself, using display. Other have software which can edit preset and upload it to the controller. Theoretically, it is possible to make the software accessible. But I can not imagine good solution for the first case (till you position a webcam over display and OCR snapshots from it).
2) when you control something, that will not tell you what you currently do. Except the  influence on the sound from the module.

If you are ready to accept a computer sitting between MIDI controller and the module, that opens many possibilities. You can use software MIDI translators to convert fixed set of parameters from your controller into required set for your modules. Up to audition which parameter you modify, with values. Such tools can be used without sighted help, but they require quite some technical background at the beginning.

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2018-11-11 03:09:03

You mean tools such as QWS? Hmm, that could be a possibility. But does the computer to be connected all the time I want to play with the module, then or could I save the configuration once I made it on the controller, so the computer hasn't to be turned on every time? However, that would be a possible solution wich I like better than using VST's and a DAW.

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2018-11-11 07:48:49

uh, controllers are pieces of hardware to well, control... software. You will not find a controller with built in speakers or whatever. Its just not happening. None that I know off, has this anyway. SO you have to use the computer the entire time you are using your midi controller instrument.

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2018-11-11 16:12:11

Nope, a controller is used to control other hardware as well. And i want to control hardware with it not software. Speakers and the like are not needed, just a usable controller I can set up so that it does what i want or what the controlled hardware needs.

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2018-11-11 18:25:11

You MIDI "hardware" and your MIDI "controller" already have computers inside, both with software. They just do not run conventional OS, but for modern hardware even that is not always true.

Based on your replies, probably you would prefer something like: http://www.midisolutions.com/prodepp.htm
I do not have it, but I understand how it works. Also I have just checked that installer and the software is completely accessible. Note that linked device support up to 32 mappings. So you can map up to 32 controls only, not more.

Sorry, but if the price and/or the number of parameters is not acceptable, you will need sighted help to setup the controller or use computer based translation.

"Computer based" does not mean you need a notebook... can be Raspberry PI or Intel based TV box. The setup will be rather technical.

Sighted help can be in different directions:
* setup the hardware every time you need on the hardware
* prepare several presets in software, so you can upload required to the controller with HSC or similar tool
* make preset editor accessible... f.e. using Sibiac overlay

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2018-11-11 21:33:48

Yeah, I know that most hardware has a computer inside. I simply like using things that are build just for what they do. So, no problem at all with the computer between both devices. Maybe QWS can help with this, I just hoped I eventually could save a configuration onto the controller to not having to turn on the Computer every time I want to play. On the other hand, the product from midi solutions sounds interesting as well. Will have a closer look at that, too. Thanks for the tip. Another controller wich could be used eventualy i heared of is the Roland a800 pro. Any experiences with that thing? Should have a relatively minimal and little display, but many knobs and such.

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2018-11-11 22:49:25

A800 and other in that serie have almost accessible mapping editor...

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2018-11-11 23:41:59

That's a good news, I don't knew that. Can i try the mapping editor before buying the key or do you know what's not accessible so I know how to handle it. But that it is almost accessible is great, so this could be a usable good choice and not to expensive, right?

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2018-11-12 00:06:44

You can download the editor from Roland and try it. To edit particular control, you need to click on it. The cursor is changing when over controls, so should be not a problem for whatever clicking extension you prefer.

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2018-11-12 00:18:42

Cool thing, will try. But that seems to be a good solution.

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