2018-11-09 20:48:22

Hey and good evening, before I am hopping off to the grocery store, I wanted to throw this out there and see if someone could help me.
I've done my fair share of audio demos, tutorials and the like, mainly tutorials on Forza, gameplay of Soul calibur, mk and so on, those were without any editing really.
What I'm wanting to do now though is getting into building my own audio projects and scenarios.
Yes, I know, making big jumps and advancing is hard and I won't be able to produce top nodge audio in no time, but might it be as simple as anything, everything counts for me personally.
Thing is, I don't really know where to start. I have a library of sounds and if necessary, I can get some from freesounds or any other platform available, but for example, which program is good for starters and which one would you recommend?
I am sure I can read up things in the manuals of the programs, but what would you say would be the best thing to go about editing and building projects?
What were your first mixing projects for example, so I can maybe build one of these as well or put my own twist to it.
One more thing, you often have sounds that loop again, thing like footsteps, cars driving by, bullets flying, is there an extra software that I can use to create those loops? For example I could imagine it beeing very tedious to for example imitate a machine gun fiering at a glass window and having to mix in a glass breaking brick flying ricochaing r crushing sound for every bullet that flyes? I mean these things, can the software do that on it's own or does one to mix that in everything by hand?
Yes I know, those things take time, but I was just wondering how you people do that.

So, breaking down the questions.
What program for mixing would you say is the best bet for starters? What were your first projects so I can maybe rebuild or change them around a bit so I can get a feel for how the stuff works? And, how do I go about looping sounds?

Yeah, a bit much I guess, but I hope someone could help me with that.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings Moritz.

Hömma, willze watt von mir oder wie, weil wenn nich, dann lass dir mal sagen, laber mir kein Kottlett anne Wange und hömma, wo wir gerade dabei sind, dann iss hier hängen im Schacht, sonns klapp ich dir hier die Fingernägel auf links, datt kannze mir mal glaubn.

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2018-11-10 07:43:00

naturally, reaper works well for all of this, including looping. All from one very accessible software

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2018-11-10 20:47:10

Yes, Reaper is wonderful for that.

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2018-11-13 05:41:19

I used to use audacity and goldwave for audio drama mixing.  You're going to have to work with your sound design, you'll have to manually make your own effects - and will want to tbh, trying to use premade sounds for specific things you want done will drive you nuts lol.

But yeah, I've made a lot of audio dramas in my time, it's pretty easy.  Just have to get used to the process.

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2018-11-13 07:15:22

I'm using adoby audition 1.5 now, as well as sound forge 10pro. I never understood goldwave and reaper though.

flawless victory!

2018-11-13 18:59:35

Hey Moritz.
Kristijan here from Serbia, we also spoke at ICC several times, this year as well.
I also recommend reaper. I'm using it as a primary software to produce audio stuff, I study audio production. Feel free to write to me in facebook if you want more help, I'll help you with setting up reaper.

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