2018-11-08 05:33:14 (edited by Jaseoffire 2018-11-09 05:02:21)

Hello. I decided to compile a list of staff broken down into categories based on the member categorizations in the user list section. I hope it is helpful. Also, I know at least one news poster is missing, I think. Anyways, here's the list according to the forum, so without further ado...

List of Admins, Moderators, and newsposters according to the forum listings:


(the following two are also the webmasters):
Richard (AudioGames)





Staff Writers


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2018-11-08 05:57:00

I could be wrong here, and please correct me if I am.

Assuming it's the same person and not someone else using the same username.

I knew of someone by the name staindaddict on the zone and someone on the zone's facebook group said he died, a few months ago now.

I apologise if I am mistaken and it is someone else.

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2018-11-08 05:59:36

Only 3 mods? That's well... Yeah.

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2018-11-08 06:02:23 (edited by Jaseoffire 2018-11-08 06:03:19)

Yeah, that's unfortunate. On the other hand, the admins also seem to handle moderation tasks as well. Well, Aaron and Arq do, anyways. As for staindaddict, A look at the profile says that staindaddict hasn't posted since april, so I do not know.

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2018-11-08 06:07:06

Unfortunately I believe he is no longer with us.

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2018-11-08 06:30:34 (edited by Mayana 2018-11-08 06:34:06)

You forgot Dark, pretty sure he's still a newsposter. Otherwise a nice list, thanks! I'm not entirely sure why it was needed though; people can always go to the user list and choose admin, moderator or news poster in the combo box, and search that way.
EDIT: Never mind, Dark doesn't show as a news poster in the members list, but a staff writer.

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2018-11-08 06:42:17

Yeah, this was compiled using the user list. I saw some confusion as to who was Mod and what not. It was only a select few people, but I figured I'd put the info here for everyone to see easily. Hopefully that will clear up a bit of confusion until the Mod team gets around to adding this data to the FAQ. Well, I think they were going to add the Mods and Admins, I'd imagine, but I added the news posters for fun. Also, their's a staff writer section? because we're missing another poster as well.

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2018-11-08 06:46:24

Sorry for the double post. Just wanted to let everyone know I've added the staff writers section. Anyways, I'm still missing at least one person whom I thought was a news poster, actually, thinking on it, I think there are a few auxiliary staff that are just database maintainers, so I could be wrong.

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2018-11-08 08:42:48

Really sorry to hear about staindaddict, he e-mailed me towards the end of last year about walk-throughs I did way back, told me at the time that he was in hospital and fighting cancer but my understanding was that he was getting better.

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2018-11-08 08:48:52

Yeah. I don't know all of hat happened, but it's horrible though. sad

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2018-11-08 16:21:35

That is very sad.
Also, I don't think the staff writer position was officially announced yet as I don't know if it's all working properly, but the idea is going to be that if someone is both a news poster and a database editor they are upgraded to staff writer, so, no moderation powers but can still, well, post news and edit the database.

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2018-11-09 01:44:34

Arqmeister has just stepped down.
this leaves myself and DanC as the active mods (Nightshade should be removed, as per the request Nocturnis made on the mod mailing list), and Aaron as the only administrator except for Richard and Sander.



Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
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2018-11-09 02:33:26

This kind of leaves me speechless. First aprone, then sebby, now arqmeister.  Add that to all the other people who have left in the  turmoil.  I’m sure  I’m not the only one asking even after all of this, how  on earth did  we get here.  It seems kind of unavoidable. New people are needed.

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2018-11-09 05:01:13 (edited by Jaseoffire 2018-11-09 05:02:52)

Hmm. Right. I'll go ahead and update that. Hopefully the user list gets updated as well.
(edit) Done. If I missed anything, please let me know.

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2018-11-09 18:21:56

I can't remove arqmeister from the administrator group, it's literally not letting me, it has a completely different page on his administration/management page than if I were to go to a normal user's one, there's no way to reassign him. Am wondering how Sebby managed to do this. I am wondering if Arqmeister might have to reassign himself, or if we will have to go through Richard and Sendermen to get them to put him into the members group.
Why am I putting this here?
In case people are wondering why Arqmeister still says administrator, that's why. Trust me, I keep on refreshing the page but I see a different layout with no group option, and it's only seemingly for admins.

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2018-11-09 19:25:07

So, what's the story on Nightshade? She's still listed as a moderator.

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2018-11-09 21:52:05

I can take care of that, I've just set her to member and then if she says she wants to come back, I can do that easily too.
I still don't get why Arqmeister's admin page won't let me change his group status though.

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2018-11-09 22:52:08

Maybe Admins can't demote other Admins? That would make some sense I guess.

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2018-11-09 23:37:07

Indeed, that's what I'm starting to think, it's a good security step.

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2018-11-10 02:46:54

If that's the case, how did you demote Dark?

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2018-11-10 16:18:24

I think Dark took care of that himself. It seems that admins can demote themselves, but not other admins.

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