2018-11-06 03:49:53

Wow, a lot of hostility going on here for something that's costing a hell of a lot less than minimum wage.

In other news that brand new blue yetty microphone you bought but only use to chat on team talk was how many hours of games you otherwise couldn't play with your $200 plus console?

Man, all the bitchers here really need to get a life. This is cool stuff. Claiming that blind people can do it all on our own is simply falsehood. I clearly remember sonic the hedgehog. I could always get so far. Then, once someone got me past a level, I was okay again. Would I pay for this now? You bet I would. Not much, maybe beer money, but isn't that what gaming is anyway?

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2018-11-06 04:00:49 (edited by CAE_Jones 2018-11-06 04:03:26)

I could beat levels 1 and 3 in games like Sonic 2 and The Lion King, but level 2 in both were awful, even for sighted players. My dad could handle them like a pro. So I would play what I could, he'd run up the moving boxes faster than they sank into the toxic chemical well, and then I'd be good after that. (What is it with the 90s and Level 2 being one of the hardest?)
Of course, a lot of games had level select codes back then. (Did anyone try that in audio Sonic? I mean, it'd NPE if you tried an incomplete level, but ... ).

All of which is to say that I kinda see the value in this sort of thing. The way the small bits were less emphasized than "play the game for you" started me off feeling more negative about it than was warranted.

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2018-11-06 04:19:38

I get what this service is trying to provide.  However, I think family members, and the let's play community have provided an alternative for the impossible to compete price of free.  Honestly, I do not personally see the appeal of downloading mainstream games, or purchasing stuff for the consoles we have that I'll have to struggle to complete on the lowest difficulty.  I don't have the time to fiddle with inaccessible games these days, nor the disposable income (Well technically I do, but paying $60 for a fairly inferior experience compared to what a sighted person would get from a game does not quite justify the purchase).  This also means that I don't have income to give to other people to play part of a game for me.  And as some people posted earlier, people would most likely refer to an immediate family member or friend to help them with stuff like this as one gets a personable and better experience than having a stranger do something for them. 

     Also, to answer the question of why people are probably mobbing on the OP on the idea is that they should not waste their time with this approach with all the trimmings being offered.  Considering the topic trend so far, the market for this is most likely limited.  You'd probably get better business for creating mods to make a game playable for the visually impaired than having people pay you to play a game for them (though to be fair, this is illegal as you're making money off someone else's intellectual property but the idea is one would more likely be profitable than the other). 

     Also for the examples of what people wanted to use this service for, everyone does see the posted rates.  We're aware on how long some games are getting with their content, and I believe that a person who would purchase a product would want to do everything possible with the game.  I've seen people wanting an entire game which is nearly impossible to play be put through this service.  Your enjoyment of the game will be limited on how much money you can afford to throw at this person to play the game for you.  Once you start running low, you either have to cut your enjoyment short by having the game end, or end on a cliffhanger as you cannot afford to pay any longer.  Now realize this is for one game, and you most likely need a bit of help with a bunch more.  Considering $60-$40 price tags on most popular titles...  Good luck affording that  (refers to the unemployment rate of disabled workers in a few countries).

    Though for the naysayer crowds;  Why aren't you being constructive with your takedown of this idea?  Obviously there are some problems to make their current model look nonviable as a small business idea, but you can at least throw in something to actually improve the idea.  Honestly, i don't see the trophy thing actually panning out in the long run as that will take some time (queue requests for someone to platinum a game for you).  There is also a workload component to think about as this looks like a 1 person job.  It might be better to just focus on the quickest possible thing the OP's friend can do for people, and that is quick helps with unplayable sections, most likely as a subscription model for the game.  For whatever rate per month, people can send you a save file or whatever that requires you to pass a small section, or do a bit of allocation work.  Then send it back or whatever.  You agree to do these small things to get past some annoying interfaces, but each request must be doable in 30 minutes.  This helps limit the workload on your friend, and assures he has time to work on each game without being overloaded with massive requests.

    ...Also you know, for nightmare level requests that might be hard to actually do  (can you play all of Fallout 4 for me on survival difficulty without any mods?)  (Note,  Where saving is limited to beds, dirty beds can lead to illnesses earned, and dying resulting in hours of work erased and certain spots being far from beds... also being killed in like one-two hits... and the need for food, water and sleep... and no fast travel... and your inventory carry limit is reduced harshly... and oh god please don't ever agree to a request like this).

    ...However, if the OP and his friend already know this probably will not be a massive thing (and hope that it isn't for workload's sake), and requests will be small... then what the hell, let people throw their money into this service.  As the old adage goes, "It's not my money being wasted."

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2018-11-06 04:30:07

Ack, looking back at previous posts.  I think the entire arguement began with people bringing up the "play everything for you bit" too much.  This service works fine for having annoying bits in a game by bypassed by someone, but utterly fails on some of the wishful thinking of a few posters that the vultures dived upon. 

    For people wanting to be in control of decisions while this person plays for them, for a standard 60 hour playthrough for this type of rpg, that's $60 for the game, and $120 for 6 10 hour packages.  SO $180 for a glorified let's play. 

    Now if you tried this for even larger games like Skyrim or Fallout....  as I posted before, good luck with that.  Playthroughs that explore around and do everything tend to clock in at 100-200 hours.  Longer if you ask them to fool around with a lot of the even more optional activities, like making your own militarized fort in Fallout 4 with the construction system.

    Focusing on the bigger promises makes it just look silly.  The time adds up for both pricing and the OP's friend own time.   but, for smaller requests of annoyance, it's probably a great help if a person cannot find anyone that would come over and do the sections/allocations for them.  Also limiting the gameplay scope would give the OP's friend less of a workload to work with.

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2018-11-06 07:16:15

I wouldn't necessarily want him or her to actually play the game for me, but what they could provide  to me is layouts of menus and the like.  That sort of thing would be great.  Or they could do small things for me in games that just aren't accessible with OCR.  For example, I've been messing around with Madden NFL 19 to see how accessible it really is.  Despite the accessibility features that have been implemented by EA, we have no real way to modify our team roster or our depth chart.  We can't change who starts and who is substituted.  We can't make trades in franchise mode.  We can't upgrade our players after games when we have points available in franchise mode.  I can't imagine being able to build any sort of roster for MUT.  I've tried everything but MUT.  OCR just does not work worth a damn.  So him helping with that sort of thing would make sense.  Or giving me layouts of my playbooks and such.  That sort of service makes sense to me, and is one I'd actually consider using.

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2018-11-06 15:15:44

Well I suspect it's not set in stone. His difficulty reading could cause some issues for those who want to play text heavy games, but like I said above. It's a great idea, and really is an untapped market.

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2018-11-06 16:56:12

so you mean people should give him their account info so he plays with their account correct?

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2018-11-06 17:47:35

No. He uses share play which is where he acts as a sort of co pilot.

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2018-11-07 01:31:12 (edited by JLove 2018-11-07 01:34:56)

I wouldn't consider Madden necessarily text-heavy.  And I can play a game just fine.  OCR does actually work well enough to let me see different formations and plays on the field.  But rosters, depth charts, etc., OCR just can't read them worth shit.  It's frustrating, since I might want to actually change some things.  EA must not have figured that we'd actually want to mess with rosters and the like, and must have figured that we wouldn't care enough to want to alter substitutions, or change playbooks, customize audibles, etc., so they didn't bother making those accessible to us.  .  Here's to hoping that they realize that isn't the case.

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2018-11-09 03:34:43

the only thing i would have someone do, is read text and help me with directions, but if it can help someone, go for it!

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