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good news gamers

UFC3 now has a mode called stand up and bang, where you are throwing straight punches and kicks. this means no submissions, no wrestling moves, no grappling what so ever. it is similar to knockout mode in a sense, but the fights are not as short as knockout mode, and it has much more substance and depth as a normal UFC fight. the sound is phenomanel, in stereo  with separation and in surround. this game is very playable for us now, since we dont have to worry about that stupid meter for the ground game, and submissions. if you have an xbox you can pick up the game for 10bucks with the EA access pass, or if you are on ps4, you can find a used copy of the game for 35bucks. below is a link to gameplay of this exact mode, check it out and let me know your thoughts

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2018-11-08 18:50:46

Wo this sounds like an interesting mode, almost like a party mode that takes things back to basics. I like it, almost gives it an arcade style.

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2018-11-08 19:20:56

Wasn't there some basic accessibility implemented into this game regarding being able to defend ourselves?

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2018-11-08 23:53:34

aaron yes that's exactly what it is, an arcade beat em up, similar to fight night round3....orin yes some accessibility features have gone into the game, there is a post buried somewhere in the forum about them

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2018-11-09 15:38:56

lol I bet a lot of people clicked on this topic cause they saw bang in the title. Meh I'm just bored, leave me alone! it totally wasn't why I'm here! shut the hell up!

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