2018-11-07 19:29:06

This forum is one of the resources where I could practice English since I was a sixth grade student or so. I am studying Russian language and literature right now and I am looking for a way to emprove my Russian further. Is there a forum like this forum in Russian which you can recommend or is there any way that I can emprove my Russian?
I am in the beginner level. I practiced Russian with duolingo so I can create sentences but I cannot understand others easily. So please if you know can you recommend me some sites?

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2018-11-07 20:46:12

There was one, but it closed. I'm a russian my self, but im not sure bout practicing. You can contact me by using e-mail, but i can say there's no forums in russian. They are all down.

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2018-11-07 21:28:05

Damnit!!! Anyway I thank you for your kind reply

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2018-11-08 01:06:08

Hmm. Well, its not exactly focused on audiogames specifically, but there is [gamedev.ru]. It has some similarities to developer communities like tigsource and gamedev.net.

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2018-11-15 15:57:37

hello!  you can contact with me.i can speak french and english. russian is my native language.  and i can chat with you. we can  improve your russian. i am musician and streamer.  skype: igggggoreha3791       whats\app +79990865023. best regards!

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