2018-11-06 19:37:16

I have a working save data function with labeled dictionary as sd. I also have working objects for my script. These objects do work, but as soon as I quit the program they do not save. So what do I need to write for the sd.set line? Sd.set("text here",variable or object here); Putting objs.length gives me a compilation result error. So what do I put instead?

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2018-11-06 22:45:42 (edited by kianoosh 2018-11-06 22:46:16)

First, objs.length() returns an integer and it worthes just as much as an integer. To save your objects you have to first split each object's parameters in a string, with a split point provided between each parameter to be able to parse them back when you load the saved data. You should save that string to the dictionary and reload that string

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