2018-11-04 23:51:24

Hey people.
First, no, i am not putting this in the articles room, mainly because i'm curious what other people's apinions on all this might be. Also, note that most of these points have already been braught up with ivan on multiple acasions, either 1 on 1 or in the tk skype group.
*This is not an attack against tk, or ivan himself. I think for what it is, tk can be a fun game, however there are lots of detracters, which i will try to cover in as much detail as i can.
First, and arguably most importantly, is the huge lag when doing just about anything. This has become much less of an issue with ivan's new server, but it's still deffinutly there. What's even more wierd is that there offon isn't much of a rime or reason for it, of corse when shit loads of bombs are going off it's gunna lag the thing, but when all that's really happening are about 3 or 4 players grabbing, that shouldn't be lagging.
Second, administration. While i think this has been more or less settled recently with the removal of the intire admin team, it's still deffinutly an issue, partly because, well, there aren't really any admins apart from the devs themselves.
I also don't have any personal problems with any of the current or former admins, heck i would consider quite a few of them quite good friends in my book, but as we should know by now friendships and administrating should never be 1 in the same.
*Points finger*Steven tof, AKA x1. His username, first, seems to be mainly to take a stab at colton, who goes by the name x0, which A, isn't cool, and B, just makes your intire team look bad.
It's true i haven't really spoken to x1 much in or out of game, but in the times we've talked in game he's been nothing but nice to me, although he did sometimes use admin commands to get close to me and fight but we were both in on it and it was quite ok. The time where i see it as starting to become an issue, however, is when commands such as /give start being used, and other commands like /move used on unsuspecting players to get a serious advantage in a fight. Now don't get me wrong, administration isn't for everyone, and that's not always a bad thing. The point is realizing when administration isn't your thing and stepping down, or having the rank forcefully taken away from you, neither of which, to my knollige, has happened here.
Again regarding admin friendships, it does seem like most if not all of the admins were apointed because of a closeness with ivan. This is just plain bad on so many levels i think most of which are obvious to most of you, so i won't start ranting about all that. I just hope some of that is put into consideration and things such as friendship don't start becoming a part of ivan's choices as to who he promotes.
I'd also like to tuch on something i think a lot of us have been thinking for the past year or so, it's the general degrading of the game. I don't really know how to put it into words, but i'm pretty sure most of you who've played tk in the past know what i'm talking about, and i'm pretty sure ivan knows what i mean. It just, doesn't feel as good. when tk first started out in it's fps form in around january 2017, it just felt good. i didn't play it much then because of personall reasons i couldn't be at home much or at my own computer much so most of the time when i played tk it wasn't for long, and most of my appinions came from listening to friends play. However even with all that in mind, it just generally felt better. in the erly beta versions sure the store and coins weren't a thing, but the other features in the game more than made up for that. However in the months following, ivan made a lot of changes to the game which visibly degraded the gameplay value, the big game breaker being the huge removal of items that, in the eyes of most of the players, didn't actually need to be removed.
This also led to a lot of players and admins leaving the game in around july / august 2017, in the months leading up to the big redspot update everyone was hyped up about.
Several months later came the addition of server lists. At first it was great, people liked, but then people started abusing it. I'm not gunna name any names, mainly because i'd ravver this didn't turn into another huge flame war, but i'm sure you all know who i'm talking about. I'm not blameless either, heck if you look at some of my first posts on this forum you'll see how much of an ass i was back then.
Anyways, the back and forth. I think this is just one of the things that always pissed people off about this game. Not just about the server lists, but about many other things as well. Mainly, the game going from free to payed several times, which, ironicly, was one of the things that ivan always hated about mason. Next, which i think probably goes without saying at least for those of you who had seen the tk skype group, is ivan's constant indesision about where to go with tk, be that server listing it again, or just flat out discontinuing it. This has been lessoned considerably lately, mainly because now ivan has lukous, vlad and colton to do all the work for him so can pretty much just sit back and do whatever.
I think that's pretty much all i've got to say, at least until i think of more. I remember seeing a topic about a year or so ago by braille0109 which expressed a lot of what i want to say right now but just don't have the brains to say, sadly that was deleted and i can't seem to find any archives.
Anyways, think that's all for now. Let me know what you think, and what your appinions are on all this.