2018-11-03 15:01:38

ok work now
server is down?

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2018-11-03 23:41:54

what is your username on there?

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2019-02-12 12:16:06

I cant download the game, page dont loads

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2019-02-12 12:46:44

Don't download those clones


2019-02-12 14:12:52 (edited by defender 2019-02-12 14:17:01)

Yeah I'm still confused why this one gets a pass when others don't... Allowing it through in the first place was a mistake but that doesn't mean it should continue.
Though to call it a clone is even more inaccurate than usual, unlicensed spinoff/derivative is far more true for this particular title, as it does stand head and shoulders above all the others.

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Lets demonstrate this: stand still Thom...
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Oh! crap!

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2019-02-12 15:05:40

Oh I don't know, tk was pretty good for it's time as well before the code got out, and from what i've seen that also seems to have a lot of unused up code. If I really cared or was board enough i would post proofe, all i'm saying right now is, sonar code?

2019-02-12 18:23:46

Only reason this had a pass was because we were unsure. As it stands, Sam Tupy got the rights to Ultra Power, said that Desafio Mortale wasn't aloud as a result, so now, we've got real merit. I don't have any real proof that the code is from Desafio Mortale, but I unfortunately am now going to have to say that the sounds are the same, the interface seems similar based on what everyone's saying here, and if everyone is thinking this is a clone, then it's time for it to go especially as the official wrightsholder for Ultrapower is no longer allowing it, and the topic returning is all we needed. As of now, this topic is closed.

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