2018-10-31 18:00:06

I wanted to officially announce that I have stepped down from the moderation team.  No group will ever be perfect, and in the past I've felt that it is better to be part of it to help, but at a certain point you step too far outside of your comfort zone.  Working as a moderator is not fun, but I think everyone already guessed that.  For me the final straw was not the work involved or the garbage people we sometimes have to deal with, but rather differences of opinion on how things need to be handled.  The current team and I do not see eye to eye on important issues, such as the level of personal accountability when a mod does something wrong, and I've hit a point where I'm no longer willing to have my name counted among them.

    People are annoying and love to cause trouble, and as much as we see that here on the forum, it can be just a little bit worse for the people behind the scenes trying to keep it under control.  I wish the current moderation team luck as the forum moves forward.  They take more crap than they generally deserve, haha, so they can use all the luck they can get.

I intend to still stick around the forum as a regular user, and I plan to continue working on new games for the community.

(My apologies in advance to anyone who feels I should not have included criticisms in my post)

P.S.  At the time of writing this my forum title is still set to Moderator.  I kindly ask that this be changed to prevent any confusion, thank you.

- Aprone
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2018-10-31 18:46:15

Hi Aprone,
I have set you to the members group, so your title has also been reset to your current rank.

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2018-10-31 19:27:25

Aprone, I'm pleased you'll still be around to warm hearts and minds on here.

And yeah, we don't all see eye to eye on some fairly significant points of moderation. I thank you for your understanding and honesty, and respect your choice to leave. No hard feelings. We'll continue to be behind the scenes, doing our bit, and you'll be able to enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with not having to deal with the nonsense we get on here. smile

Thanks again for all you've done for the board.

Just myself, as usual.

2018-10-31 19:46:37 (edited by Jaseoffire 2018-10-31 19:47:43)

Well, that's unfortunate. I guess that does mean a little more time for game development, though. LOL!!!

I have a website now.

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2018-10-31 22:19:03 (edited by defender 2018-10-31 22:21:58)

I didn't really know where to post this where multiple mods would see it without creating a new topic, so I'm sorry for the off topic here but, can the mods make sure to check the registration room every day their on here? No need for a well thought out intro or anything, it may be nice but getting unrestricted is more important...
Also, Ironcross mentioned how he had filed an appeal via email a few weeks ago now and it still hasn't been responded to... So is anyone checking those consistently?
And can someone ask about creating a room specifically for game buying requests? unless you guys can just do it your selves without Richard or Sander's help... Many people have been wanting it.

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2018-11-01 00:54:12

I, personally, ahve not seen Ironcross's appeal so I do not know where that went.

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2018-11-01 01:20:58

Ironcross's appeal is smoke at this point. I haven't seen any emails. I'll see about creating that room if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

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2018-11-01 01:24:02

i'm sorry you have left the team aprone, personally i think you were one of the better mods in terms of how you respond to people etc.

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2018-11-01 05:30:34


This is rather sad and surprising news. I personally found you to be the most level-headed and trustworthy member of the forums staff, all things considered. It seemed like you were able to hold matters together quite well, which can certainly get difficult in a community such as this.

Recent going-ons here have been a matter of some concern to me, but just another day under the sun I guess.
Hopefully you'll be able to occupy your time more constructively and in a less toxic environment, thanks for the helpful hand you've lend here.

Maybe a step forward just to step back, maybe we'll start seeing some progress? Only time will tell. Either way folks, there's always reddit. smile

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2018-11-01 06:54:41

Cool, thanks Arq
And I'll let him know. Maybe the email address for such things isn't updated on the site? Or the spam filters got it.

Buy the worlds greatest machine gun. It's about 50 inches in length, It's huge! & it can shoot really far, &, it's cheap!
Lets demonstrate this: stand still Thom...
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2018-11-01 09:24:47

It's sad to see that the moderation team has lost another great member. You were always a fair and reasonable mod as far as I remember. But hey, it's your choice, and you'll certainly have less work now. I wish you all the best, enjoy your retirement.

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2018-11-01 09:50:29

aw aprone mate. I no i'm often on your website, but to not have you in the moderation team is quite upsseting, but such is life i guess. I really wis you hadn't of left but to still have a laugh with you is awesome and at least that can keep me happy.

you can run, but you can't hide, i'll make sure of that.

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2018-11-01 11:59:58

As a fellow mod I would also like to say I've got utter respect for you. This does not change my opinion about swamp, it does not stop me from using a gamer account or anything like that, I can promise you that, and it also does not change my overall opinion about you as a person.
although lately I have been playing a lot of other games especially in the mainstream side of things, so that's why I have barely logged in to Swamp, and that's the truth.

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2018-11-01 12:54:00

I, too, would like to wish you the best. You seemed to have a level head as far as I'm concerned. Defender, I'm going to be sending you a private message here in a few minutes, just so you know.

If anyone wants to add me on Skype, it's garrett.brown2014.

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2018-11-01 13:27:39 (edited by Juliantheaudiogamer 2018-11-01 13:30:03)

Fully agree with post 9 here. Although I haven't been on the Forum for Long, I still have witnessed situations where you, Aprone, were dealing fairly and reasonabbly with a Situation where someone else would have just smashed the ban button without thinking everything through.
I think the whole AG.net community will miss you as a mod, but it's great that you'll stick around anyway on the Forum and that you can spend more time on active development.
Finally, I would like to say that it sometimes may be necessary for taking two steps Forward to take one step back.

All the best from me!

Edit: thumbs up to post 9!

Greetings and happy gaming, Julian
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2018-11-01 16:46:15

so we've had two mods step down in about a week of each other? lol?

but seriously, will miss you and your good modding Aprone, enjoy being a loley user! mwa ha ha ha wahehehhea!

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2018-11-01 23:29:49

We all know you will still be contributing Aprone.  Talking of which, can we hav some dragon raceing now?

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2018-11-07 00:06:52

Love you aprone and love all the great things you have done for this community.
People like you would be our only hope to keep this community and audio gaming scene up and alive. Very happy that you're going to stay around and bring lots of fun and happiness into lot of people's hearts with your games and contributions.
Best wishes for you and your family for all the times and oh obviously the admin team clearly didn't deserve you.

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