2018-10-13 09:20:28

hello gamers

there is a new fun main stream game for ios that is actually playable for gamers that are totally blind. the description of the game is below. I also included a dropbox link of me playing the game with commentary, to show you all what the game sounds like, how to play it, and how to get through certain menus. now note, the game is not accessible, it doesn't use voice over to read menus/game content, so if this needs to be moved to a different section, then I understand, I just wanted to post the game, because I believe some gamers will find it enjoyable despite its lack of voice over support

game description

The best bubble shooter game! Blast bubbles, save baby pandas! Play now for free! Plan your every pop to rescue cute baby pandas! An evil baboon has kidnapped & trapped precious panda pups in the jungle. Blast, match, and pop bubbles to help beat him & return the cubs to their worried mother! Work your way through increasingly challenging puzzles and employ the power of the elements to help you in your Panda Pop quest. Use epic bubble shooter power ups to free the pups… combine them for even greater effect! FEATURES: 2000+ levels with uniquely challenging obstacles Check back often for new events and free rewards Use power ups to make smart moves Match 3 bubbles & fill lanterns to create supercharged matches PLUS: This game is social! Connect to Facebook & play Panda Pop with friends! Enjoy special rewards & events all the time! Connect seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms! Get poppin' on your iPhone or iPad today...

game demonstration
https://www.dropbox.com/s/7o69wbaia2j70 … p.mp3?dl=0

game download link

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2018-10-13 09:23:27

for those that would like to contact the devs for voice over support/suggestions, here is there info:

DEVELOPER INFO: Jam City is the leading developer in truly cross-platform social gaming! Chart-topping hits include Cookie Jam, Sugar Smash: Book of Life, Juice Jam, Genies & Gems, and so many more!

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2018-10-13 09:57:51

dude, epic playthrough. downloading it.

Blindness isn't a disability, but a diffrent way of seeing things

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2018-10-13 17:10:10

Well, I've watched your demo, but it seems to me that you're only randomly taping the screen. Even for the facebook related menu, the idea is just to keep trying untill you find the correct item.
It wouldn't mather if it was only about the menus, but in the game itself, forgive me if I'm wrong but it looks like you're just enjoying the sounds showing your success/failure, which are mainly random based as far as we blind players can handle.

No probleme at all if that's your thing, but I just want to know if I understood correctly what you were doing in this demo.

Best regard,

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2018-10-13 17:33:48

I will admit yes, that's pretty much what it is, randomly tap the screen at different spots, and see if you can get a match. not sure if you listened to the entire recording, but I made sure I stated that sthis game isn't for everybody, that it is pretty much a time killer nothing more. I also stated that not many people may like it, but I'm pretty sure a handful of people will get some enjoyment out of it. just trying to post something fresh new and different, to give blind gamers something different to play on there phones than dice games, word games, and text games

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2018-10-14 15:09:51

I like this game, I was hooked after I opened it. I've completed I think 5 or 7 levels or so, and then I failed at one level, then a messsage popped up if I want to purchase the mega coin pack, and well, now I guess I can't play the game since you need to purchase coins somehow. Anyway, was a good game until then.

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2018-10-14 15:19:48

@5 sure, we definitly need some fresh news, and I'm sure people will enjoy it.
I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing part of the point, to avoid hoping for more from this game than it had to provide. We all remember many many disapointment about games that weren't half of what was promissed smile .
Anyway thanks for the info !
Best regard,

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2018-10-14 23:30:13

Arkandias I'm pretty sure the coins refresh after an hr or so, so go check the game and see if it allows you to play it

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2018-10-15 20:54:19

Okay thanks, I was the person who had that coin problem lol.

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