2018-10-06 09:38:33

Hi guys.
Are there any web developers here?
The essence of the problem:
I studied various areas of programming. Most of all, I'm interested in the development of desktop applications, artificial intelligence and web sites.
In my country, web development is very popular for work. For this reason this is a direction in programming where I spend more time.
I work with HTML/CSS/PHP. As a back-end developer.
Not long ago, I started learning Python. Very good programming language. Without going beyond the language, I can solve many problems.
I know that Python is used in web programming. Django, Flask.
Are there any developers who have worked with both PHP and Python?
What can you say?
Should I learn web programming with Python, or should I stay with PHP?
I understand that in PHP I get maximum flexibility in development. With Python, development is easier and faster, but as I understand it, there is no flexibility, because we use the Framework.
Thanks in advance!

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2018-10-06 10:00:36

@1 This will probably be a shitty comparation but think at it this way.
When you use python's frameworks it's like when you're programming with an high level language.
With pure PHP instead, it's like using a low level language. This means that you can control many many low level aspects with it. PHP has it's frameworks as well such as codeigniter, laravel and such. But you will be able to create a blog even without them. You will be able to do it in python as well, without using flask and such, but it'll be a longer process I believe.
I've used flask my self, and I prefer it over django because I find it more flexible.
Flask is a micro framework with that said, you're free to just have a route binded to the / URL which says hello world without any extra pages, you can add whatever to it, and extend it as much as you wish. With django instead, you have a default layout already.
Plus when using both PHP and python in web development I'll have to consider in which server do  I have to deploy the project.
With PHP, the job is simple, just install lamp, or wamp and the task is done. With python, you have to install python, install nginx, optionally MYSQL, set up the webserver such as gunicorn, make sure that the python server runs as an automatic service etc.
So, that actually even depends on how much do you want the deployment to be fast.
I think the best thing to do is knowing both PHP and python for web development if possible.
With python the site development will be faster, due to the frameworks, but slower in the deployment.
Since I'm dumb, and I make errors quite often, feel free to correct me where needed, or to point out where you did not understand what I said.

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have a nice day.

2018-10-06 19:15:11

now something that you should consider before selecting php or python.
php is mainly for web development, meaning that it's features are all for the web while python is a general-perpus programming language
due to the previous reason that i mentioned above, php is commonly used for web development
if you use a shared hosting, chanses are that they don't support python, while all of them as far as i have seen support php
for artificial intelligence, python is your best bet due to its libs
if you are asking me, if you don't need to do something that php doesn't support it, go for python otherwise select php for your web projects.

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2018-10-06 19:52:55

Php means web, stik to that.

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