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This review was written before the game was released, now you can download the game on IOS by going to the following link:
Stay tuned for the Android version, which will be coming October 2018!
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I'm going to start by saying that I'm 100% blind, so I'm relying only on voiceover to play Feer, even though the game has graphics for sighted players, and I really hope the game climbs to the top charts so we get hundreds of players to compete.
The game is an endless runner, meaning you don't have to walk. Every second that passes your character automatically walks faster, you will have to deal with many challenges though, and will certainly die hundreds of times in the process.
The cool thing is, each play through is short, so if you have ten minutes available you can probably play the game a few times and can hear the zombies shewing your crispy brain with some truly scary sounds that will require 100% of your attention at all times.
Let's talk about the gameplay now:
The game has three lanes, one in the middle, center and right respectively.
You will have to move between them to escape the zombies. There will be other challenges that will require you to jump and crouch, so you need to pay full attention, especially when your character is running so fast and lots of things happen immediately that require you to act instantly.
You will have some help in the process as well!
The lights that you collect during the gameplay can be exchanged for upgrades which will increase the duration of the powerups that help you as well!
The powerups consist of a shield which protect you from all the dangers in the game, but if you're hit during the shield it's instantly shattered, so be careful.
There's a boost that will make you run so much faster for a certain time, so nothing can kill you while it's active! You can then concentrate in getting all the lights you can, but you will be running so fast it won't be easy!
There's also the light doubler, this one as the name suggests gives you two lights instead of one, isn't it awesome? I assure you it is!
The last powerup is a weapon! The shuriken can be used to beat the zombies to pieces.
All the powerups make a sound while they're active, so you know what you got.
Now we'll talk about the missions! There are dozens of missions with different objectives, for example avoiding a number of zombies, collecting a certain amount of powerups, reaching a certain score, and much much more!
There are a set of missions that you must complete to be able to advance to the next level. The more levels you advance, the harder the missions. However you also have better rewards regarding the scoring. Your score is multiplied by your current level, so you can achieve a much higher score if your level is high.
The missions will certainly take days for you to complete, because I assure you there are so many of them!
You'll always want to come back to see the next one!
Liam Erven did a stream on YouTube to demonstrate how the game works for those that are curious, so if you want to check it out, you can find it at:

Lastly I want to talk about accessibility: the game uses the unity engine, and with the help of the accessibility plugin it allows voiceover to work seamlessly with all game screens! Even the headings are working, so you can flick left and right as well as up and down to jump between sections, and it's so fast and intuitive!

Best regards: Matheus
Sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language,
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