2018-06-05 07:04:05

No, it's not that hard. You go in to the tree view if you use the interface, select port pair 1, then change the two values in the edit fields there to COM8 and COM9, and press aply. Or if you use the command line interface, just use the change CNCA1 PortName=COM8 and change CNCB1 PortName=COM9 commands.

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2018-06-05 12:52:45

Figured out what I was doing wrong myself. I was not giving it enough time to load. LOL. Anyway, I got the version that had windows 3.1.1 on the drive. Yes, I played with windows 3.1.1 and found it very interesting. Looks different then windows XP or windows seven for sure. I guess one of the main difference is that it looks like a program instead of what we have came to think of an OS. Would go as far to say that it is basically a gui to dos... LOL. Now I got to find a few good games to play. Does anyone know how to get the speed of the synth at the right speed for me when it comes to WindowEyes in windows 3.1.1 on talking dos box? Is there a way to set the speech rate before bringing everything up? It seems like I am missing something. That music was a little be of a surprise when I brought up the baseball game. Now to go figure out how to save my setting in mega dots.

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2018-06-06 01:41:00

I suppose you could look for something called dzip or something, it was an IF interpriter.

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2018-06-06 08:05:58

@152, Yes, in those days it was. Windows 3.1 was pretty much a program that ran on top of DOS, and often you had to exit out of Windows and go back to DOS to run something, I think this was often the case for memory intensive programs and games that required low level hardware access. Consumer operating systems never truly left DOS behind until Windows XP.

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2018-06-06 11:17:04

You can adjust window-eyes settings by pressing CTRL+Backslash, and then changing the settings for the screen, keyboard and mouse voices. Than you need to save them into the wineyes configuration which is the one it loads by default. This saving and associating part of configuring it is why I didn't really care much for it and it took them close to 15 years to modernise it...

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2018-06-07 10:47:33

Where can I get this?

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2018-06-07 21:24:08

Good question. I want to get it as well.

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2018-06-09 21:39:24

The main link doesn't work and I don't know where else to get it.

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2018-06-09 21:45:14


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2018-06-20 10:16:42 (edited by Dekyo-NEC2608 2018-06-20 10:20:35)

I're using the normal Talking DOSBox with Sukil's fork of the vbns-eSpeak emulator and works very good.

I customized the "startbns.bat" file to  run the emulator, DOSBox and the ASAP screen reader without having to type "asap" in the DOSBox-Daum window.

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2018-07-04 08:21:54

Hi, The download link for the read me and for talking DOSBox dont work for me. I get this error when I try to access them:

404 Site pmsworld.tdrealms.com is not served on this interface

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2018-07-04 14:27:13

@Dragonlee You can download Talking DOSBox in http://batsupport.com/unsupported/dosbox/

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2018-10-31 15:59:50

hi, can someone please help me, when i click the link in the first post to download this i get this problem
404 Site pmsworld.tdrealms.com is not served on this interface
what do i do,

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2018-10-31 16:21:21

Use the following link: http://batsupport.com/unsupported/dosbox/

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2018-10-31 16:25:51

i got to the google code thing but how do i download all the files

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2018-10-31 17:07:17

sorry about this, i've got it set up and i've got in to a game's directory, but when i type in the game name to launch it the hole thing frezes up, i left it there for about five minutes assuming it was loading but nothing what do i do

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2018-11-23 10:17:53

The link is dead.

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