2018-05-10 11:30:00

Hi all.
The new beatstar has now been released!
Please, go to my website and download it. It is available for both Windows and mac.

I will try to answer here some questions that people have been asking:
1. Packs are compatible? Yes, all packs are compatible, they do not need to be remade. In fact, when you run the download packs menu option, you will be able to get them all.
2. Yes, I recommend that you delete all your packs before installing the new version unless you want to use double the disk space. The old pack format cannot be used with the new beatstar because it is a bgt format.
To delete your old packs, you need to go into application data, roaming, oriol gomez, packs. There you will find all the pack files.
3. This question has not been asked, but I'm putting it here in case someone is curious. The new save file location is the user folder/beatpacks/save.dat.
And the old save file sadly does not work with the new version. The way that the game saves your stuff is much more efficient, which also makes it different. If someone is really pissed about this, send me an email or something and we can work something out.

On windows, it is recommended that you use your screen reader to play.
If you are using NVDA and hear blank blank blank when you press hotkeys, turn off browse mode by pressing NVDA space.
With jaws you might have the same problem just use insert z.
As always, if you have questions or problems please get in touch. Also, consider donating if you really enjoy the game.
I will be releasing new versions of all my other games soon, as well.

2018-05-10 11:36:56

Hey, when i try to download the installer it gives me a 404 error for some reason.

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2018-05-10 11:51:37

lol yeah because it was still uploading lol.
try now

2018-05-10 11:51:37

I guess you went to download too fast. It sure works now and i'll be trying it, thanks for the release!

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2018-05-10 11:54:13

yeah. I was superfast big_smile

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2018-05-10 12:23:55

thank for this release lets earn some beatcoins

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2018-05-10 12:48:05

Hi oriol can you make an interactive tutorial like it is in rhytm heaven.
It will be nice to see that.
Nice update I love this interface it works great nice job man

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2018-05-10 12:48:25


thanks, will download it smile

we are back in active business, visit our homepage at:
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2018-05-10 12:48:47

Thanks for the release.
Will check it out

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2018-05-10 12:56:41

the installer is a bit confusing, it doesnt asks me where to install this game. I dont know why this games is installed to roaming folder

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2018-05-10 13:00:39

the installer worked by me, but nothing happens when the game starts.
NVDA just says application. then no key presses works, but when you enter brouse mode you can select the language. then it just sits on the screen wich says, welcome to beat star. but no further arrow presses helps. tried to exet NVDA. and only start the game, but no go. then theirs no speach. tried with narrator. but stil no joy. any help with this would be appreciated.

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2018-05-10 13:01:07

hi People.
Where does this game locate the packs?


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2018-05-10 13:02:02

yeah, maybe i should just make it portable.
the installer is a bit weird, true.
it's an NSIS installer and it doesn't display anything.

2018-05-10 13:04:05 (edited by Remi 2018-05-10 13:05:30)

hi flyby chow.
You have to put NVDA to sleep mode. if you don't want to play With NVDA, you have to first put NVDA to sleep mode, then choose the use tts for the game or something like that in the game menu.
hope this helps
and sorry for posting 2 times in a row


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2018-05-10 13:46:32

Hello, thanks for the release oriol. And yeah, please, make it portable.

flawless victory!

2018-05-10 14:11:44

Hello all!
I've instaled this new version. As far as I can see, good job!
I have only one probleme, but a major one. When I try to download all the soundpacks at a time, it stops the process at 0.8 or 0.9 percent and never gets any further. Any idea of what could cause this?

Best regard,

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2018-05-10 14:13:29

Are you sure it i s stopping the download process?
This is really strange and has never happened to me before.
Have you tried waiting a few seconds?
It's a big file list.

2018-05-10 14:21:14

Hello again,
I'm absolutly sure. I'm talking about a stop of the process because I base my calculation on the time between, for example, 0.1 and 0.2 percent. It is not perfectly regular, but we're on something like 30 seconds for each one. But when it comes to 0.8 or 0.9, it stops until I interrupt the process myself, let's after 10 minutes.

Best regard,

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2018-05-10 14:47:01

I think I'd definitely prefer a portable version of this too, as that's how I set up my other Beatstar.

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2018-05-10 15:02:08

Oriol, Bopit pack is crashed. When I pressed start game, It just do nothing. I don't know, why It was happened.

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2018-05-10 15:15:09

can we change the voice on mac please? it seems so sluggish when browsing packs and menus. ok though when in a pack it seems. where is the online manual you speak of? i hate daniel lol for the voice

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2018-05-10 15:26:49

the daniel voice is the one you have set as your default voice.
I don't think i have  a way to change this.
As for the download process.. does it happen too when downloading single packs?
Or only when downloading everything?
Has anyone else tried it?


2018-05-10 15:33:15

there is quite a delay when pressing the arrow keys. also i don't think we actually need voiceover to be active since the web area contains words just like main menu but nothing else. also, i noted a spanish pack as one to change to even though i am playing in english is this meant to be? loving the default pack so far it's awesome. the daniel voice can be changed in my system preferences i just wondered more about navigating menus. look forward to rhythm rage as well on mac. where is the manual, just curious as you say refer to the online manual when first launching the game. thanks again for the effort is super cool!!!

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2018-05-10 15:34:19

Hi, i am looking forward to play this game, it is downloading now.

best regards
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2018-05-10 15:37:26

Yes, I just tried with a single pack, then with five . It allways crashes in the middle of the process. Last time it was at 64 percent. I don't know how it works, but there seems to be some kind of critical percentage or, I just thought about it, a time (perhaps 1 or 2 minutes) before the downloading process stops automatically.

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