2005-04-19 10:34:32

dear gamers.
I am looking for a new game, i have played all my games

to death and until my order of grizzly gulch and chillingham arrive i've

got nothing to do.
so, question, does super d-kout have a demo? does it

have cheats? is it easy to play? would you recommend me to download the

best regards

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2005-04-19 13:40:31


wouldn't reccomend it right now. Because the game is very adictive and

you've just ordered a couple games, I'd wait, as the game's so adictive

you'll spend more money and order it too.


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2005-04-19 13:58:52

hey holden, thx for the tip, however as my parents are touchy for

some reason about credit cards and i don't have a payple account i doubt

i'd be allowed to buy super decout.
I'm just looking for something to

fill the boardem i'm experiencing right now.

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