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Hi all,
I have the BariBariFutsal game,
I like it.
I've read the manual that came with the game, I've understood some of the concepts but not all of them.
Is there any well translated guide for the game in English?
I am trying to understand the game even with the broken English the manual is in, and I tell you I've played some matches in the past and won them, but I still have some questions about the game that I need answers for.
For example:
Is it random that the goal keeper catches the ball when I shoot at the goal, or there is something I need to do in order for me to improve my chances of scoring a goal?
One other thing is that I can't change my decision if I choose to pass the ball.
Lets say I am running with the ball, and somebody came in and challenged me for it, I can choose to try and keep the ball with me and then I can continue with the ball normally, or I can choose to pass it to somebody else.
Now if I choose to pass it to somebody else, a menu will show up that has a list of players and I can choose the player I want to pass the ball to, at this point, if I changed my mind and wanted to continue with the ball, I can't do anything about it and I have to pass the ball to somebody, the escape key doesn't work to return me to the previous menu or anything, I only have to deal with it.
So if anyone knows anything about what I said please let me know.
This game is really grate and at least it has some strategies in it.
Well, I guess they made it so that some goal keepers are stronger than others.
I played against France and the match ended 2 to 1 for France, although I was a lot better, but their goal keeper was catching all of my shots.
Now I am playing with South Africa and the first half ended 5 to 1 for me.
So I think I am not doing something wrong or anything, or there is still something I can do to win against France I don't know.

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2018-04-16 15:12:41

how did you install it? because I got an error when I tried. does it work only with win 7 or even with versions above?

if you wish,  you could give a look at my github profile.
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have a nice day.

2018-04-16 15:45:36

pauliyobo wrote:

how did you install it? because I got an error when I tried. does it work only with win 7 or even with versions above?

I have win10 and it works fine here.

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2018-04-16 16:43:59

I did play it on xp but it might have been upgraded since then.
As regards the goal keeper as I remember you basically have to wait until you hear the tone that says your close to goal before shooting, you also need to learn the position of your players so you can pass the ball.
When it says you have the option to pass this is usually because one of the opposition has intercepted so you need to pass in order to maintain what your doing.
Another good tactic is to use the command to have all your players follow the ball (I think it's right arrow), since then your players will be close by to pass to if the opposition tries to challenge you.

I actually liked the game, but it got to a point where winning was baiscally a mechanical process of waiting until the tone that had the ball close  the opponents goal and then shooting, and when I was constantly winning all the time that was enough.

Btw, I also notice that Kororo produced a bari bari racing game which sounds a little like marrio cart or the old amiga game supercars with missiles and bombs and things, has anyone tried it?

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2018-04-17 16:01:46

Yeah I know about the right arrow thing, in fact like I said I can win normally.
It is just that the goal keeper thing is really driving me crazy.
About the racing game, no I haven't tried it, I'd love to listen to a demo though, it really looks nice.

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