2016-08-27 13:11:08

What is the most accessible video editor for windows?
I need an ability to add small audio files into certain places in the movie, you know, for example audiodescription

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2016-08-27 14:22:11

That question is sort of dificult to answer. I am using VideoRedo TV Suite to cut my TV recordings. As far as I know, it's the only accessible video editor out there.
But may I ask, what you are planning exactly? Do you want to insert extra video material into a movie, or do you want to add another audio track to an already existing file? Also, what kind of file type is the video in?

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2016-08-27 14:23:25

The filetype is not a problem here, I would like to insert audiodescription information into a video file

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2016-08-27 14:32:29

Well, like I said. Depending on the filetype, you can use different programs. Virtualdub, or Virtualdubmod for Xvid, or MKVToolnix for Matroska-Files.

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2016-08-28 21:30:15

Thanks. I am going to need something to replace video pad. Vp's youtube uploader is a bit broken and outright refuses to upload anything longer than 10 minutes at most.

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2018-03-29 12:52:34

if you just want to edit the audio of the video, soundforge is a good option. you can replace and mix audios, put effects and etc, but you can never make cuts. if you do, you lose audio and video synchronization. for these cases the ideal is to give a mute in the part that does not want the audio.
In the case of audio description, I think it's best to do this on a daw that opens videos (sonar, reaper, etc).

2018-03-29 14:03:02

I use Reaper to do all my video editing and adding of audio and effects.  I can trim video and whatnot with it,  then I will take the rendered video file and drop it into Movie Maker to reduce the file size down to about 1/4.

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2018-07-11 12:32:56 (edited by UltraLeetJ 2018-07-11 12:33:48)

uh ... moviemaker? that does not seem to exist any more. How do you exactly bring the size down for it?

because yes, reaper for a 3 to 5 minute clip happily gives you like 10gb or more. Its just ridiculously  sad

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2018-07-11 13:16:00

Well when I create my videos and drop them into movie maker, I have the installer for it for windows 10,  I will select to use the video settings for YouTube, and that's all I need to do when rendering a file.  it will bring a 2 plug GB file down to about 280 MB and I had someone look at the comparison and he said it's barely noticable in video quality.

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2018-07-11 14:21:30 (edited by UltraLeetJ 2018-07-11 14:36:23)

wow, thanks for the prompt response. Reaper is certainly the most accessible video editor out there. I still have to get a bit of a grasp on how effects on the video processor work, but I think now that we do have automation and the like available its just the best nicest side effect, the fact that much more can be done accessibly. Is there any place where i can get that installer? I usually follow the instructions in here though

handbrake (the current version 1.1.1) is for the most part accessible using object nav from time to time, and I like you can read the status bar ETC. Their presets are apparently very highly optimized as well.I still have not asked someone to judge on quality though.
It just irritates me a bit that for a 3:30 video I just did the file size was pretty much really big, about 15 gb and rendering time in reaper was almost 5 minutes. then compressing or encoding that down took an additional 7 minutes although it was impressively down to a mere 50 mb without apparent loss of audio quality. Not sure if this is the case for everyone.. but well. Either that or which settings are you using to encode in reaper as a source?

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2018-07-13 12:52:31 (edited by UltraLeetJ 2018-07-13 13:05:27)

so, as of now, reaper is indeed the most accessible video editor out there, but bear in mind that with great freedom comes also great responsibility, so some patience is needed perhaps until you get the hang of all of this. Instructions are NVDA oriented, but I am sure jaws has got just about the same level of accessibility support, so don't be discouraged.
I believe its the farthest we can come to edit videos yet indeed. I just managed to do the editing of a simple music homemade video alll on my own, without sighted assistance (I just checked with my brother at the end that everything was as I intended). (its just me in the piano with a drummer friend and a singer friend  playing a few tunes for sort of a small demo)
but that is not the main point of it. As described, the video contains:
1. The title and artist of the first tune, going from small to large for about 10 seconds, then disappearing completely.
2. The video fades and the audio fades do match, so as the music volume goes down, the video fades into black. As the music volume comes up (yes, its a bigger cross fade) the video also emerges again
3. The second title and artist of the second song, displayed for about 10 seconds
4. Fades again, and the third title, coming in for about 10 seconds. At the end, credits are shown for about 8 seconds and the video again fades to black. The titles are located in the bottom lower part of the screen, centered so they do not interfere with what is being shown in the video. You can of course modify this if you wish.

Right, I asked impartial sighted people for opinions.
here is how I did this
0. Set the ruler units in the view menu to give me units in terms of time as opposed to beats and bars.
1. Inserted the video in reaper but did not open the video window. Took the clips, and split them. Basically, I took and arranged all the portions of the audio I wanted to show, then deleted the rest, and made the fades (using the item properties dialog or the osara dialog for it)
2. Aligned all of these so that they would overlap a little, and created fade in for the ones that came in, made sure it all sounded well in terms of fading in and out between the songs, and this will reflect just as good in the video part. I also added a fade out at the very end too, longer than the rest. Also, just for precaution (since I have automatic cross-fading off), selected all items and told reaper to cross-fade all of them.
3. Inserted the video processor effect into the track, then copied and pasted 4 more instances of it and renamed them accordingly. The first instance was named fades, the second one was title 1, the third one was title two, the fourth one was title 3, the fifth and final one was named credits. Up to this point, This is 100% accessible

So, now for the first instance of the video processor, you have to use object nav when using NVDA or, when you start tabbing make sure you do not get past the presets combo box. Open that combo box and choose the "item fades affect video" preset. And that is it for that one.

For the rest of the instances of the video processor the method was somewhat more involved, and not fully accessible but it is absolutely doable. Best part it is the same for every one of them.
So, inserting titles. You have to go to each instance of the video processor, title 1, 2, etc. And choose the title overlay preset. I hope cockos gives us a way to access the edit box that is displayed here in an accessible manner soon. It is currently impossible to focus with the regular cursor so you have to use object nav and click with mouse to focus.
SO what I did was I used a text editor to put the titles exactly as I wanted them, one per line.
Then, Copied the first one, and went back to the fx window. Then, here is where you need to use object nav or locate the text with the mouse that says "this is a title" : it is actually in quotes, exactly as I had typed it here. So you have to locate the closing quotes after the E and the click. Then hit back space about 15 times to erase the this is a title text, leaving just the quotes and paste your text there. Then Press control plus s. You now have your first title! do the same for all of the other ones, including the ending credits. You can actually check the result with object nav. Sometimes it will not read the code as it was fully there but its because the title takes a larger part of the line, but it will not be affected so no worries there.

Now, for the duration of the titles. This is done by using automation
you will want to select and enable the bypass envelope for every instance of the video processors that contain the titles and the credits.
Insert points when you want the title to show and when you want it to stop (the first point is already inserted for you anyway) So in the case of the first title you should go 10 seconds or depending on long you want the title to last, then insert a point there and set the point to bypass, or 1.000.
For the rest, you should set the first point to bypass, insert another one for normal (to show the title) and a last one to bypass. This is true except on the last one which will show the credits so you would not need to bypass it at the end.

Automation can be used to give some effects to the text, and that explains how I made the title go from smaller to large at the beginning, there is also a more detailed procedure that describes what you need to set here to achieve that and it goes over how to create titles... the instructions are just not as accessible as I have presented them here.

And that's it. It is just what meets my needs for now so I am quite happy.
As for exporting, reffer to my previous post just above this one, though I hope there is a better way soon but this definitely is a really nice start.

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2018-07-13 17:36:10

Thanks man, that definitely helps me a bit with the inowledge that there is ways to add text and such to my videos.   

Anyways, for rendering videos in Reaper, I use the  MOV/MP4 setting.  Seems to be the more successful format for me.  Also, Reaper probably exports such large files for the simple fact it is set to a lossless format, despite if the videos themselves are compressed, and obviously we know we cannot uncompress an already compressed video, so tey just keep it to the factory default setting.  It'd be nice if they did a  format match or bitstream match, for that could make a much bigger difference.

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