2018-02-16 14:07:44

hello aprone excuse me for my quesstions, can we play your game on this month? thanks

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2018-02-16 15:17:29

Man, seriously, I am not going to chriticize you, but you asked this thing leaaaly, but realy alot.
If you really want to be emailed when the game will be released, I will do that for you if you will not ask this again and again.

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2018-02-17 15:21:36

hello angel
okay my email adress is [email protected] if you inform me when the game release, i stop posting

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2018-02-18 11:07:01

Ok, I will do that for sure.

I am myself and noone is ever gonna change me, I am the trolling master!

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2018-03-22 19:53:53

I'm kind of curious, on the status of this project...

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2018-03-23 16:59:40

high guys what is status of this game?

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2018-03-24 17:11:25

Well, it works from my perspective, but it is still in beta testing.

I am myself and noone is ever gonna change me, I am the trolling master!

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2018-03-24 19:32:49

hello angel i want to be a beta tester of this game what should i do?

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2018-03-25 14:16:26

Sigh, someone's really getting super impatient there.
I'm just tired, really, as much as I want the game to be a thing.

My sskype : mars.bhuntamata, add away buddy. If you think you are crazy, I am as well. I may be even crazier, who knows.

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2018-03-25 20:04:38

hello aprone if you need beta tester please send an email for me i'd like to be a beta tester of this game.
my email adress:[email protected]

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2018-03-26 17:58:12

holy fuck, can you please please please calm the hell down? Its a free game, aprone isn't obligated to push this out for you when you want it. Asking the same question 420000 times more isn't going to get you the thing any faster. It'll be released when its ready, and not a moment sooner. Now, I'm sorry for not having a more polite way to put this, but please just stfu for a while. Aprone will spend less time reading your posts that all say the same and maybe spend more time finishing the game.

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2018-03-26 21:39:08

I will have to agree with post 61. reely, putting more presure on a developer might make him or her angry, and you will end up posting the same questions for the rest of your live, as when the game is not developed any more, you will not see or play it and that is why i say you might end up asking the same questions over. so stop, aprone will let us know what the status of the game is.
i am prity sure of that.

best regards
never give up on what ever you are doing.

2018-03-27 16:24:49

oh, but its going! because there is some beta testing as I can infer from the posts. Real life has taken most of my time too so I can wait as much as anyone needs and wants. I am sure it will be awesome just like the rest of Aprone's games . I am glad I do have an account on the site too

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2018-03-30 10:29:19

Hi guys, sorry it has been so long since I've posted here on the forums.

The game is not released because of 2 problems I have run into, which both need to be solved before everyone can get their hands on it.  The first problem is that the game isn't as fun as I want it to be... yet.  I frequently throw together small game prototypes that are virtually tossed into a garbage pile if/when they don't seem worth fleshing out into finished games.  Most of the time I figure out early on whether or not a game idea is going to be fun, but sometimes I hit that snag later in development.  This is one of those cases, where I found myself not really enjoying playing the game like I expected.  I do believe I know what caused this, and I do have a few ideas on how to correct it.

As the game grew the number of foods, equipment types, and tasks started to become too much for the player to handle all manually.  The computer controlled workers got better and better AI coded into them, allowing them to correctly do these various tedious tasks so that the player wasn't bogged down doing them.  That cycle sort of ran away from me and I think the workers are now too smart and can do too much without the player being needed to make decisions.  It's hard to get the correct amount of enjoyment while playing when the restaurant can basically run itself without you doing anything.  I need to figure out a good place to dial back the AI to, so that the player is once again vital to the success of the business.

Another change to help this was suggested by my wife.  She believed the player should be able to jump in to perform any of the jobs (normally done by the AI workers).  This is a great way to engage the player more, so I'll need to come up with some game mechanics to represent each of the tasks for the player.

The second problem I've faced is the lack of free time.  Last Summer/fall was the busiest I've ever been, as far as projects were concerned.  Between my own house and those of close family members, I am the full-time handy man for 4 houses, and rarely help out on others.  They each require work here and there throughout the year, but last summer/fall it turned out to be the perfect storm of house work, and the 4 houses kept me extremely busy.

Winter arrived and I entered the busy season for my work, and I expected to have free time again toward the middle or end of January.  I did get a little more work done on the game around then, but life once again popped up to pull me away from the computer.

House repairs came back in full force.  The main cause is that a family member is hoping to sell her house soon, and it had a huge list of needed repairs the city inspector gave her before she can put it up for sale.  She got the house from one of those house-flipper fellows, who had purchased a house in terrible shape and fixed it up to turn a profit.  Over the years we discovered that most (yes most) of his repairs were just cosmetic coverups that hid problems to fool whoever was going to wind up buying it.

I'm not sure I could even remember the whole list of things I've done lately, but a few random ones come to mind.  I had to re-shingle a portion of the roof and all of the caps, fixed a poured concrete shower that had been torn up with a chisel, re-plastered walls, and replaced aluminum siding.  The list of repairs over there is just about complete, but I already have tasks piling up for the other houses.  My wife is really riding me about building a book shelf around the ceiling of her reading room, I'm supposed to replace the door and windows of someone's garage, and my in-laws' need their bathroom re-caulked.

A cousin is running a children's camp next week and I've signed up as one of her volunteers, so even all this house work is on hold for the next 6 days until the camp ends.

So there are 2 issues that have kept this game from being finished, and it's safe to say that the second issue is the harder one to solve.  One of these days perhaps these projects will all be completed and I can get back to coding.  In the mean time, everyone has my apologies for me falling off the face of the audio games planet for so long.

- Aprone
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2018-03-30 12:20:32

That is okay man. I would like my self a option for advanced mode where you have multiple options for equipment and food. I think it would be cool if you could make your own menu.

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2018-03-30 14:04:06

hello aprone i hope that you solve those problems. 
i can't wait for play it.

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2018-04-16 12:31:06

hello aprone did you solve the problems?
i have a suggestion for your game: please make an advanced moad that we can do every things
thanks alot

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2018-04-16 20:07:05

Not yet smile

- Aprone
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2018-04-16 20:38:28

hello masroor, I'll tell you a secret, aprone has actually fixed all the problems and he's about to release the game, but he won't let you download it because you nagged him about it so so so many times. Heh heh heh, no restaurant management for you!

Ich bin 1,95m groß, muskelbepackt, und ein berühmter Rocksänger, der den internationalen Durchbruch jeden Moment schaffen wird. Ich fahre eine schwarze Luxuslimo und kann fast alle gängigen Weinsorten mühelos unterscheiden.
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2018-05-03 13:29:51

Hello guys how it is going?

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2018-05-11 00:46:02

Sweet take your time can't wait to play this game some day!!

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2018-05-14 19:24:11

hehehehe rofl roflI agree withe post 69

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2018-05-15 07:50:04

hello guys can't wait to play this game.

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2018-05-15 14:43:04

Hello masroor, i can't wait until aprone releases it, too, but i don't nag about this all time. If aprone says, it will be released.

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2018-05-24 15:44:47

high guys excuse me for my posts, i don't want to miss this topic.
how it is going?

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