2018-02-10 14:55:48

Hi All.
As you may know I develop audio games and currently have 3 titles I’ve released over the last 6 years, check out www.ndadamson.com for Dotris, Park Boss, and Tube Sim.

I’m trying to come up with a new project that I can work on and I thought I’d ask what area do players feel is lacking with in the audio games community.
As a day job I’m a developer in a field which is not related to games at all so developing audio games is something I do for fun.
So I’m after your ideas. What is a type of game which you’d like to play which there’s not an audio game for?
Now that’s quite a big question so I’m going to put some limits.
1.    I’m not after a whole game synopsis or script yet. A brief paragraph is more than enough. Tell me just enough so I get the idea of the game or the type of game you’d like to play.
2.    I’m not interested in rewriting an audio game that already exists. That’s not to say that if your idea has enough differences to something that already exists it won’t be considered. For example, suggesting a “better racing game” is a bit vague. You’d need to tell me why it’s not the same as topspeed3. Or a submarine simulator, why isn’t it lone wolf. Feel free to consider games from the past that are no longer available but what would make it better.
3.    I’m not really interested in developing another first person shooter or version of space invaders.
4.    I’m not really in to games that don’t really have any skill to them. That’s not to say the concept of casual games shouldn’t be suggested, but I’d like to develop a game that has replay value and isn’t something that you’d play for 15 minutes before getting board of.
5.    Consider game genres. Think big, Think small, Think card games, Think board games, Think simulator, think adventure games, think games that tell a story, think games that don’t, basically let your imagination run wild, other than the couple of limits above, know idea is off the table.

For those who have played the games I’ve released are there any areas that I could improve on. I’m not after specific changes you’d like to see, it’s more of a general question, Better audio, more immersive, less repetitive, more or less challenging. I’m looking for things that will help with future developments. One of the things is I’m going to be moving away from BGT as a development environment, I think I’ve just about hit the limits of what it can do.

There’s no promises that any ideas will be taken forward, and don’t expect anything to be released in the next couple of weeks. Really what I’m hoping will happen is that someone will suggest something and it’ll grab my attention and spark my imagination.


Nick Adamson.

2018-02-10 15:09:08 (edited by JasonBlaze 2018-02-10 15:16:30)

a farming simmulator like harvest moon maybe?
diffrent plants for diffrent season, animals to take care of, day and night cycle, weather condition, town exploring, etc etc.
sim city kind of game will be nice, too

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2018-02-10 15:12:57

Hi nick nice to see youu back. I have two ideas for you.
First game which is my dream is any live simulator based on a popular games from maksis like the sims or simcity.
It will be nice to play a game where we can build my own family or build own city and be a developer of this town.
Also Nice idea is to create a car simulator, where you can learn your own driving skills and after that you can make a missions like in eurofly and drive freely.

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2018-02-10 16:56:31

A simulator where you can be the developer of a hotel or something or you can be a simple customer, or a taxy driver simulator, or like in post 3 a car simulator, or my dream is to have a cat sim.

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2018-02-10 17:01:06

Hi there,
Nice to see you are taking the community's suggestions into account!
I really would love to have a game developer Simulator, where you are the boss of a game developing Studio, that would be awesome!

Happy gaming.

Greetings and happy gaming, Julian
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2018-02-10 17:14:40

hi, I think what we need is a good city building sim. We have a grand total of 0 games in that genre. This doesn't take browser games into account, because I'd really like to see something like this done in audio. I guess some of the same principals that park boss has could be applied here. Major differences would be the requirement of laying down roads to connect buildings, cities skylines style, and also to provide power and water to all homes that require them. In terms of buildings, you'd probably have residential buildings such as homes and apartment buildings, public buildings such as schools and hospitals, industrial buildings like factories and comercial ones, take malls for example. How you would go about this depends on the resources your map has available, for example a river to build hydrodams and water treatment plants, or a nearby cole reserve for mining and export, or to be processed in colefire plants. You'd have to look out for things such as the city's environment, population happyness, living space and infrastructure. Possible aditions to this basic structure would be achievements that you could work towards, such as a certain population level or money reserve. A sort of campagne mode to develop your city into a metropolis would be fun too, though if you do decide to make this, a normal sandbox mode where you can just build and expand for yourself should be a thing also.

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2018-02-10 17:17:29

I currently don't have other great ideas which hasn't been mentioned. But I hope the game will be playable with or against other humans online. I agree that a farming game would be cool.

Best regards SLJ.
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Happy gaming... :D

2018-02-10 17:24:09

yeah I would like a farm game


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2018-02-10 17:47:58

All these ideas are good. I personally would like to see a life sim.

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2018-02-10 19:57:54

I could get behind a farming or city builder game. I have played several editions of Harvest Moon, from the one on SNES, to the one on PSone, a version on PS2, and one on gamecube. Also after the fact, I've tried the one on N64 in an emulator, and I liked them all.

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2018-02-10 20:28:00

I would like a age of empires kind of game..although the sims idea sounds good too.

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2018-02-10 21:50:10 (edited by Rio Aryo 2018-02-10 22:12:30)

What I know is that you are the creator of a great simulation game Nick. Therefore I do not hesitate to suggest you create a simulation game again. Life simulation games, urban simulations, farm simulations, are all good to play.
I am a fan of simulation games, and surely I will be faithful waiting for your work released.

Enjoy all that the Lord has given in your life, and share with as many people as possible.

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2018-02-10 22:00:29

I've been looking forward to a sims type game, for a while. That would be amazing.

Power is not the responsibility of freedom, but it is actually the responsibility of being responsible, it's self, because someone who is irresponsible is enslaved by their own weaknesses.

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2018-02-11 00:49:11

I would love to see a car type sim. I really think there is a lot you could do with this. Different cars, different features IE more or less automated and stats, online multiplayer races and just driving around for fun, real world maps and roads, missions both fun ones and more serious ones like making actual jurnies. It would be great to, let's say, get together with a group of friends and decide we'll drive to this certain place like a real car journey. You could say select in what country and place you want to drive, i'm sure we could pull maps easily from somewhere. Then of course you would have to fill up your car and deal with the odd mechanical failure like the battary going or flat tire or something.

2018-02-11 01:07:48

Hi all,
Just throwing my ideas in here.
We've got many great audiogames, it's true. Everything from flight sims such as eurofly, but something that we don't have is a really solid trucking sim. Whilst we do have Jim Kitchen's trucker for instance, it's just not realistic enough for my taste. If you ask me, you should have to work your way up, driving routes and making the right disisions to be succesfull.
Even though something like this would take a lot of work, I think it would fill a nitch that many of us have wanted filled for a while.


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2018-02-11 01:36:51

I have an idea that's simple and huge at the same time. I'd like to see a Mario Cart type game. If anyone doesn't know about Mario Cart, it's a racing game, but you have a lot more than just curbs to deal with and possibly animals to avoid hitting depending on the game. It's really difficult for me to explain it in writing, so I'll post a link to a YouTube video which should hopefully explain how some of the tracks are laid out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rFqRLlsPSI

If anyone wants to add me on Skype, it's garrett.brown2014.

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2018-02-11 01:56:31

hi, I'd like to see games like age of empires/Cossacks/empire earth for sure. my true love are space sims like elite and x-beyond the frontier. especially now my remaining sight has gone there's no way I can play them now. so yes I'd love to see games like that.

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2018-02-11 02:26:34

Hi All.
Great ideas so far, keep them coming.
Just a quick heads up that there's already a farm sim available called my country place or something like that. Its part of the leasy games module and although its restricted to that environment i wouldn't want to step on the developers feat so for now a farm sim is off the table.
I know that this may not be a popular choice but I know the devs who designed it and understand how much time it took so its a respect thing for me.
So far the big hitters are a truck sim, a sim city type thing and age of empires type thing.
Any more for any more?

Nick Adamson.

2018-02-11 07:06:48

an idea came to my mind, although i didnt tried to developed myself (if i would try it, my lazyness didnt allow me to complete it)
a racing game, similar to nfs most wanted
but unlike topspeed, it should have police, ways to work on your cars, get better car, etc

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2018-02-11 09:41:08

Hi Nick.
Regarding the Leasy games, I do see why you don't wanna step on the those developers and what they have done. But, there are so many farming clones out there. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But Leasy requires both a Jaws license and then Leasy itself is very expensive. So people won't buy a licens just to play the games. So for this reason, I don't see anything wrong by making a farming game compared to theirs.

Best regards SLJ.
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Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

2018-02-11 10:02:44 (edited by defender 2018-02-11 10:17:22)

Yeah allot of people have been asking for a farming or fast food sim, and even though we have some farming sims, they are either only using farming as a small portion of the game, or very simplified, with no immersion via sounds or more realistic issues for the player to deal with.
And I understand the hole respect thing, but IMO you will only be stepping on their toes if they make the game available to the community at large, and not just Lesi users. Till then, if your game ends up being better than theirs, then I guess they'll just have to adapt now won't they, and why is competition such a bad thing, we have such a small market as it is, and they are already sure of a sail for Lesi copies, so as long as people keep buying Lesi, they have a solid stream of sails. If they don't keep buying well then, that's what they get for restricting them selves like that, it's not your fault they decided to do it.

For a farming sim, skill is easy to add, as well as different play styles for different types of farms, when to harvest and plant based on the seasons, who to buy your necessary  materials, like hay and fertilizer from and when, milking the cows in time, getting the cattle inside before a storm, cattle eating dangerous plants and dieing especially if they are free range, when to sell your cattle for the most meat and best price, accidents with workers if you use older, cheaper equipment, wage VS labor costs get much worse if you higher local instead of migrant workers for almost every situation, managing land in terms of what you own VS what the government or other, larger farmers around you own, repairing equipment that breaks VS replacing it, planting the right crops for the area and demand based on over seas production, where to put irrigation for best result  and in order to avoid polluted runoff, erosion and such, how much and what types of pestasides and growth hormones GMO seeds etc you can use before you can't legally have the (organic) label, dealing with insect and rodent problems, random cold snaps, helping dangerous births, disease outbreaks, breeding and vaccinating ETC, their is a hole lot of stuff.
I'm only scratching the surface as well, farming has always required smarts, but it's gotten much more scientific over the last few decades, and while obviously time period and realism level is up to you, it would still be good to do some research on the specifics of even the basic stuff, because it's allot more complicated than I thought.

For fast food, it could get boring pretty fast without more action based gameplay, E.G. pressing certain keys in time to flip right or take crisps out of the fryer at the right time, typing in order numbers from people who can't make up their mind or mumble, cleaning up explosive messes, managing who's order is first so stuff doesn't get cold ETC, plus you could potentially get the ability to work different positions, line cook, front counter, drive through, janitor, shift manager, which would add more replay value.
Obviously it would be easy to get screwed by corporate if you didn't make the pissed off customers (reasonable or no) happy by making concessions to them such as free meal, coupon, toys for their bratty kids, ETC, and the ability to make the wrong choice would be fun, especially if the customer was particularly nasty so your employees would appreciate you more for having a backbone.
Also we have the possibility of product shortage, older product being reused as a risk, promotions suddenly massively increasing customer numbers (both good and bad) the drink and icecream machines being out of service for cleaning or just because they break all the time (especially the freaking icecream one) cooks getting burns or staff in general slacking off, cleaning the horrifying bathrooms and tables, if you have a kids play area now you have to deal with even more, potentially breaking up fights, meeting quota while still paying your staff enough to not hate you so much they don't work well, and much more.
This would need allot more voice actors though, if you wanted to make it more immersive, and I know you would get some bites for that, but maybe not enough.

As for suggestions for your previous games, I wish you had an option to slow or pause the time while walking the park and still mess around. Because while I do like the concept of getting a call or email on your cell while in the park, it makes you feel really rushed when all you want to do is enjoy your park and try some rides.
Also some of the rides have pretty short ambient loops, such as the helter skelter, and more playable games in the park would be awesome!

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2018-02-11 10:02:45

Well, beat em ups, old genre but still not really popular because we haven't anything like that, with combos, skills, upgrades etc.
Fighters: This is something we could play but nothing like audio only fighting game.

Anything better than top speed? every video racing game is better so yeah: physics -based gameplay, realistic car engines.
There's a lot to do in many areas like fishing simulators, tactic RPGs, great card games like Yu Gi Oh.

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2018-02-11 10:16:55

I have just read the documentation for My country, and the game sounds really great. It is made by VG Storm. It's a shame why he haven't chosen to release the game as a payed game, because this is really worth paying for in my opinion. But well, that's his choice. So I see no reason to hold you back for making an other farming game, which doesn't require Leasy. I think around 60 dollars is very expensive to pay just for one game, and I don't know for how long a Leasy licens works...

Best regards SLJ.
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Happy gaming... :D

2018-02-11 11:04:11

yes I do know about my country place, but what's the point if we have to buy leasy first?

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2018-02-11 13:17:23

Hi nick,
Glad to see that you are taking feedback from the community!
A shame about a farm game, would have loved one,but I respect your choice.
Out of all the suggestions so far, I would really like to see a trucking game, I.E buy different moddles of trucks, second hand old ones at first from a few different choices available,select a root,take on contracts and do runs, if we could drive those trucks it would be even better,but I will take the non driving one as well wink build up cash,buy better trucks, engines tires,fuel etc.

I could describe it a bit more if there is interest by nick or anyone else.


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