2018-01-20 18:41:06

TJT1234's instructions work. For other versions of JAWS, probably the only thing that might be different is the version number of Eloquence, it might not be 6.1, but that should be obvious.

I tried setting inflection to 100 and didn't like it so I set it back to 30. Later I'll try other values to see if there's one I like better than the default.

For those who have Code Factory's Eloquence for Windows, this should work as well, you'll find the eci.ini file at c:\Program Files\Code Factory\Eloquence for Windows.

Have fun!

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2018-01-21 04:28:30

Eloquence 6.1 has been used for a long time, so if you are using any version of JAWS from about the last ten years or more, you'll be fine. One thing I forgot to put in my instructions is that you must restart JAWS in order for the setting to take effect.

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2018-01-21 14:54:14

That's becomes obvious as soon as you replace the original ini file with the modified one. Knowing that beforehand would have been nice, but not having it was no big deal either.

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2018-01-22 05:55:35

Eloquence FTW!!!!!! smile Been rolling with it since 1998. Have it on my NvDA and galaxy s8 and not ashamed of it.  The reason eloquence crashes so easily is because it is so old. But it is seriously one of the best and most responsive synths in my opinion. When you get down to it, eloquence uses code from the 1980's if I'm right. If not the 80s the very early 90s.

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