2017-09-04 20:48:32

Hi Nick and Orko, I'll investigate. You're the first two that can't run it, and Nick I've never heard of the problem you're describing so I'll need to ask the experts in the unreal community. You're saying even when the game is closed windows is operating with less memory?

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2017-09-04 21:11:35

no I'm not.
I'm saying that my paged pool increases When starting the game for the first time.

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2017-09-04 21:14:54

Ok, will do some research and ask the unreal devs community! I will also make a reduced/removed graphics version asap. I was going to hold off on that but it is now needed so maybe that will help.

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2017-09-05 00:47:05

yeah my computer can't render the graphics, I am partially sighted with some vision, and and it just can't deal. It is because its a laptop with no GPU, just on board intel graphics.
They stutter really hard, you turn and the sound turns, but the graphical environment jumps in huge increments, it can't keep up on my computer.

It's kind of weird since its only from last October, the system isn't that old, it is an i5, the on board chip must suck though because it can't manage to render the graphics at all without huge stutters. Other graphical games do work on this laptop without issue though.

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2017-09-05 03:19:39

Just out of curiosity, I did some research and learned something interesting about NVidia's Quadro GPUs.

Hardware wise they are essentially the same as the GeForce GPUs, it's how the drivers behave that makes the difference. GeForce GPUs are aimed at the mainstream gaming market where it's important to keep the frame rate up so that the animations are smooth, so the rendering engines will cut subtle corners during rendering if the frame rate drops below certain levels.

Quadro GPUs are targeted for business class workstations where the quality of rendered images is more important than smooth animation, so unlike the GeForce drivers, the Quadro drivers will not cut corners during rendering, so while the Quadro GPUs have the power to handle modern games, they don't work well with them because the drivers can't maintain the frame rates games need for smooth performance.

I don't know if it's still possible, but about 15 years ago with some minor tweaks to the graphics card's BIOS, you could turn a GeForce card into a Quadro card. For people building business class workstations this was a popular trick because true Quadro card were pretty expensive compared to a GeForce card with similar performance specs.

Anyway, since the only two games I have any trouble with use the Unreal engine which is primarily a 3D graphics game engine, until I get a new computer, I'm going to just avoid games built with it.

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2017-09-05 05:56:34

Hey everyone, today's workload is going to be getting a menu with narrated buttons or TTS. In that menu will be three graphics options that won't be changeable inside the level, only before you play. High graphics, low graphics and no graphics at all. I hope this solves a lot of the problems cropping up.

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2017-09-05 07:45:59 (edited by daisyalesoundworks 2017-09-05 07:46:47)

I just wanted to add this because I find it hilarious.

Sighted testers seem to be struggling much more than VI testers and it's awesome. I think vision is a crutch in games, and they can't seem to handle that the very nature of a scent trail is that it is not visible. They seem to be enjoying themselves but VI testers are quicker to buckle down and gain skill, while sighted testers seem to complain and remark upon the weirdness of it all for a little while first.

There's a meme I shared on twitter, I don't know if you guys are fans of Lord of the Rings books at all but there's a part where a possessed guy says "You have no power here!" and it's a huge meme now. So I posted it on twitter, describing how sighted gamers are finding the game ahahah.

Just a little shadenfreude for those of us who appreciate a strong audio focus in our games.

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2017-09-05 13:01:39

Hey everyone, I'm very happily reporting gigantic crazy unforseen breakthroughs in optimization! I'm just about to finish the next update, and in it, you only have to press F1 to turn off ALL surfaces and lighting. WOOOOOO!

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2017-09-05 19:43:54

What about my DLL error?
It says that I'm missing an dll file, something with audio 3d in it.......
A friend of mine has the same issue.

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2017-09-05 19:52:43

Hi Stefan, I can't address it unless you can give specifics. Can you tell me the name of the .dll file that it says is missing? Also what windows version and resolution, or rather, what number windows and is it 32 bit or 64 bit?

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2017-09-05 20:51:14

I've solved it, finally. I had to do a small update to DirectX.
Now I have another issue.
When I launch the game,  the sounds and everything are starting normally, but a dialog appears on screen  telling that there's not enough video memory, and when I close this dialog, the game does the same....

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2017-09-05 21:02:44

Okay Stefan - good news, there's a huge optimization fix coming. It's uploading right now. It's late here (Australia, 3am) so I'm going to sleep but Haramir will post the uploads when they're ready. And if that still doesn't work I'm harassing the Unreal community on Reddit to help me with disabling all graphics. Stay tuned man, we will get there!

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2017-09-05 22:24:08

cool, downloading it now.

Alexander Ferrumite
follow me on twitter. @ferrumite666.

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2017-09-06 00:25:55

Hello folks! As promised, here are the links for the new versions of the game.
32 bits: http://daisyalesoundworks.com/Lost%20an … %20x32.rar
64 bits: http://daisyalesoundworks.com/Lost%20an … %20x64.rar
The game should run smootly now, but if you guys are still having problem due to graphics, you can press f1 to turn VI mode and disable graphics.

Best regards, Haramir.

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2017-09-06 08:09:03

Hey guys and gals, there's still a little more optimization to be done but that last update was a huge step forward.

Next update, tomorrow night (your Friday morning) is content! Completely polished and finished forest camping level with longer tutorial intro, and fingers crossed, finishing the snow level. Thanks to Haramir for helping me out with forum stuff while I'm asleep, and with content and suggestions too!

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2017-09-06 09:11:40

If everyone could give me feedback on the optimization and if it helped, that would be awesome. And let's get more people playing this, it'll only make the game better. Spread it around!

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2017-09-06 14:33:41

I'd like to report that F1 isn't disabling the graphics for me, however, whatever you did in this update has drastically improved them, and they're no longer stuttering on my system.

It might be good to get that feature working though, blind gamers, well, unless they play mainstream games too, don't really put stock in buying GPU's and if you're like me, and on a laptop which is not upgradable, having insufficient VRAM might even keep the game for running, so it might be a good idea to have the graphics thing there, and even set it up as a fallback if you can catch the VRAM thing before it becomes an issue, then switch off graphics programmatically.

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2017-09-06 15:13:04


I'm still getting there with disabling. I'm working on trying to make it a function, so that everyone plays one level, as opposed to every single level having a duplicate with no visuals. I think I'm almost there with it, I just need to tell it to disable *ALL* lighting.

That function, removing all graphics, is important to me, so we'll get there soon.

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2017-09-06 15:16:29

Is it playable right now?

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2017-09-06 21:39:12


Pain is life and life is pain.

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2017-09-06 22:33:40

Hey once the storm comes its impossible to heare your footsteps. Can you make it so you can hear them. It's hard to really know where your going or even if you are moving when you can't hear them. I found the boy and made it back to the start but I couldn't get the level to end. Like I heard his mother but when I barked nothing would happen. I think part of this was because the storm was really loud and the other part was I couldn't hear my footsteps so I may of been stuck in a corner. Just a thought but maybe when you're close enough and the kid can hear his mom maybe he could run twards her to end the level?

Kingdom of Loathing name JB77

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2017-09-07 00:29:23

I haven't gotten that far, honestly i suck at this lol. I get to the point where it gets higher, and I try to follow that one, but then I end up in the bounds, I keep trying though.

Pain is life and life is pain.

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2017-09-07 03:21:43

hi there your game seem interesting. but i have 1 plobblem when i launch the game it said:
DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine.
how to solve this plobblem thanks

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2017-09-07 05:47:37 (edited by daisyalesoundworks 2017-09-07 05:48:06)

Ok Jeffb, I will lower the storm a bit. Also you're right I have these logs in the beginning to indicate a parking area but they serve no real purpose I bet you got stuck on them. I'll take the, out. Good feedback man keep it up!

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2017-09-07 07:29:54

Looking into it, Wightfall. It might be something you have to do outside of the game, update your DirectX but I'll ask around on the forums.

Ironcross, we're all pretty bad at it man. I really struggle to follow the trail myself and I laid it. Everyone I'm talking to about it is saying it's actually pretty difficult in terms of walking back and forth to get back on the trail. I put in an update to make the trail a little bit louder and a tiny bit bigger, so the newest update might be a little easier. That's version 1.03 I'm talking about.

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