2017-07-06 15:51:22

I've been experimenting with output for a Roguelike to make it as easy as possible to play with a screenreader. I was wondering somebody better qualified than me could try just moving around the map, and letting me know how it feels before I go further down this line. I'm trying to write the screenreader version at the same time as the graphical and Android version.

At the moment - it's still the empty random dungeon with a moving @ sign. But - trying a few things to hopefully help:
1) Not using NCurses style interface - just adding new lines to console window (unsure if this helps)
2) Just showing current room by default. Can push F1 to show whole map each turn, or F3 to not print map at all
3) Always let spacebar show whole map.

I'll also show coordinates for at least the player, and provide a full 'status bar' each turn (I think).

Is this working? Am I along the right lines? There's a link at https://www.dropbox.com/s/i90i0n31brmal … 1.zip?dl=0 (and unfinished source at https://github.com/lkingsford/AtlasWarriorsRedux). It's in .net land and requires Windows or Mono.

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2017-07-06 20:28:50

Hello! It's good to see another roguelike around. From my experiences, I'd like if there was a way to press for example tab to switch between edit mode and read only mode. This way we could check what's going on anytime.
Best regards, Haramir.

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2017-07-27 00:04:13

I think NCurses (or another curses library, such as PDCurses) works okay in a linux console, although I don't know of any windows apps which utilize a curses librar..

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