2017-05-11 14:01:28

Hi all,
Lately I've noticed a few programs ahve stopped working due to some of the security certificates expiring. I am a little confused by this, but I know that iTunes is struggling to download safe browsing data and some stuff that uses google, such as YouTube related stuff has also stopped working.
Interestingly, Firefox works absolutely fine as it stores it's own certificates.
But here's the weird thing. Isn't windows supposed to be downloading new certificates automatically? IF so, then why are some out of date by two months now? Is there a service I might have to re-enable or something? It's a bit odd.

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2017-05-14 15:39:05

Make sure your time and date are set correctly, if they are not, this will invalidate the certificatss if its too far out of dat. I've actually had this happen before, and it took like 4 hours of digging around and shit before I got to the bottom of it. That was on a ubuntu live CD too, trying to download into RAM the installation for windows 10 image, that sucked.

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