2005-04-08 02:05:10


school's internet has blocked the audiogames site under the heading of

pornography. GRRRR. I had a good laugh about that one.

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2005-04-08 08:20:26

why porno, i go on audio games and the forum

every lunch time on my college laptop and i have never been blocked,

only thing i can't do is install games on my laptop, i can download them, i

just can't install them,

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2005-04-08 09:21:17

haha...that's a first! Maybe we should remove

WinSpank after all...

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2005-04-08 09:27:27

Hmm, what? Pornography?
If AudioGames.net is pornography, I'm a


(do you think it could be the fact that we have the winpank


2005-04-09 02:12:21


I thought of that. However, I submitted a site review request. In the

comment field I stated This about as far from pornography as you can get! Oh

well. LOL.

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