2005-04-05 22:25:17



Can anyone tell me how to mod a game?


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2005-04-05 23:19:03

i imagin it involves knowledge of programing and

other technilogical info.
I think mike has mod knowledge what with his mod

monkey escape.

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2005-04-06 00:45:51

To actually modify the game as far as game play is concerned you'd

have to know how the game is programmed, and probably have the source code

of the game, which developers of commercial games obviously don't release. 

However, to modify the sounds a game makes, most of the time it's quite

easy.  You just have to figure out what files produce certain sounds and

replace them with your own.  For example, once just for fun, I replaced the

fan sound in Super Liam with a file of a Barbershop quartet singing.  This

was a totally useless mod.  But for that session, I was jumping over

quartets.  That was kind of weird.

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2005-04-06 02:34:40

lol Jason,

That's gotta be funny.


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2005-04-07 14:49:55

Does anyone know how to mod Shades of Doom (that .gsf files)?

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2005-04-07 16:29:41

No. But I

made a MOD of deekout, which I will send in.

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