2016-04-22 19:12:40

arjan wrote:

Is there a link to the latest beta of version 9 somewhere? the links seem to have expired so I can only go to the main site with version 8.3. Kind of want to get back into this, but there doesn't seem to be a link.

It's probably a bit late to reply, but I have just found a link to CrazyMod version 9 beta 9 at the end of this page: http://pragmapragma.free.fr/soundrts-crazymod/

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2016-05-03 06:18:24 (edited by 拓海 2016-05-03 06:20:48)

I hope this project will continue..Because I like it very much

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2016-05-05 23:24:00

This project is still on continue development.
If you want to see witch new features are coming for the next release, You just have to see the issues and new commits in the public github repository.

Generally, soundMud have on the years a period of inactivity, but  when the french's summer is near, the updates of soundrts are very frequent.

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2016-05-06 03:49:36

It looks like it will soon be able to see the next version.

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2016-05-07 07:57:49

Most need to address the problem is that once data becomes large, the game speed will become very slow

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2016-05-10 14:13:32

I have been updated the Italian translation UI for Crazymod 9 beta, download from follow link:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/145 … ian-ui.zip
Thanks for job

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2016-05-11 00:35:19

@gigino1987: I hopefully understand a little italian, since it is similar to my mother tongue, Spanish. However I will download.

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2016-05-11 07:36:57 (edited by stewie 2016-05-11 07:39:34)

So I'm playing through the campaign again and I am currently on chapter 8. I've disabled all mods and am experiencing an extremely bizarre issue. for some mind boggling reason, if I send archers or footmen to b1, my necromancer follows them. I do not understand the logic of this at all. Even if I send everyone to b1 and order the necromancer to stay at a1, it still moves to b1 and dies.

[edit]No, it seems as though all the units are moving regardless, what the hell?[/edit]

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2016-05-11 12:45:57

@stewie Thanks for the report (and sorry for the confusion).

I have just checked chapter 8. Here is what happens. If your footmen attack, nothing unusual will happen because like before they are fighting in b1. If you send the archers, with the new way range is working, they will attack from a1 as soon as they will get in range. The enemy archers will retaliate from b1, because their range allows it too. So, when your archers in a1 are hit, an alert will be raised in a1, and all the soldiers will react and move to b1.

I'm not sure yet how I will fix this:
- maybe the alert shouldn't be raised in the a1 square but on the b1 square; on the other hand, catapults should be attacked like before, so...
- maybe the units without an attack shouldn't retaliate (but maybe the necromancer has some attack)
- a "hold here, don't move" order should be created, even if it shouldn't be necessary in many cases
- or maybe magic users shouldn't retaliate
- is the way units react to catapults satisfying, anyway? it is good for the AI, but for the player?

Or maybe a unit should consider that by default it is supposed to stay in the specified square, so:
- if the unit can retaliate from the square, it will move closer and retaliate (this will be useful for archers behind an wall attacked by the enemy; instead of exiting the citadel, they will just move closer and retaliate from behind the wall as you would expect)
- if the unit cannot retaliate, then it will try to move to a safer spot in the current square
- if there is no safer spot, the unit would probably leave the square to attack or flee depending on its mode and various factors.

This might be the thing to do. It is high priority of course.

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2016-05-11 13:27:41

I also feel that when being attacked, you can choose to retaliate or stay in place.

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2016-05-11 17:04:17

Aha I see, thanks for the clarification. Maybe you could give each unit different behavior based on mode, maybe an always retaliate setting for aggressive and a non-retaliation on the same square mode for passive/defensive.

Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.

2016-05-12 06:05:13

Hello, guys. Respecting the retaliate, in starcraft2, when a unit is attacked, It'll try to follow and destroy the enemy that attacks it. But, for evade this behavior, exist a "hold" order.
I  Think that you can implement this order for unitst s that you want keep their position. I don't remember now what is the exact name that starcraft uses, but it works with that behavior tongue.


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2016-05-12 11:31:12

The "don't leave this square until I tell you" solution I have described should solve most problems. The idea is that by default a unit has the implicit order to stay in the current square. The player have to give orders to solve some situations.

(Maybe this "hold zone" could be a sub-square in zoom mode, so you would have the hold order this way.)

If I remember correctly, in Starcraft 1, there is the notion of "don't retaliate too far": if you try to lure a unit to your base by attacking it and then running away, after some distance, the enemy unit will move back to its initial spot.

On the other hand, this notion of "don't leave this zone" is part of the simulation, so maybe this zone should be a circle too, instead of a square. Maybe the simulation should be as classic as possible, and eventually some maps (or some user interface) would try to simplify the gameplay, by having some obstacles matching the squares grid if necessary, but this challenge may not be removed by default.

The existing maps made by contributors show varied designs: some maps have very few squares with many obstacles, some are big, open ground, maps. Maybe the design decision to simplify the map or not can be delayed and made available to the map maker.

The new guiding idea would be: the simulation should ignore the user interface; squares are only part of the user interface; so squares shouldn't be part of the simulation at all.

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2016-05-12 15:35:50

Respecting the new idea, y Think that is the correct notion of guide the game.
The squares, is only a interface thing, but internally, the world is a open world, without this division of squares. With that, you have a lot of more (and fun) options to develop and macke things for units, maps, and etc tongue

For starcraft 1 hmmmm, I think that isn't the behavior of unit. I remember game strategies that some zergs, with a pair of zerglings, engage combat with a marine of the oponent. And next, escape. The marines try to follow the zerlings in retaliate mode, and the zerlings guide the marines to a trap with more powerful unit for destroy them.
Obviously, it can occur only if the terran can't detect this trap, or forget put these marines in defensive mode. ¡ O yes! ¡I remember it! This is the defensive mode of starcraft!

When a unit is in attack mode, They will try to follow and destroy any enemy at is sight range, but if you put a unit in defensive mode, it attacks only when a enemy is on fire range, and don't follow it if the enemy try escape.


Well, SoundMud, remember to view the other thread; I reported some bugs on it tongue b

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2016-07-14 11:08:09

The crazymod needs to be updated for the latest version of SoundRTS. For example the catapults should have a range instead of special_range 1 (although they still seem to work, not sure how special range is treated in the new version), and walls and gates should be introduced.

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2016-08-04 22:50:42

if i have other mods for sound RTS, how can i make the game to use it? sorry if that was already asked before, but i'm bored with old mod for it and want to get something new on it so i can  play and enjoy the game again, as right now it's sits lonely in my games folder, blocked out by Manamon, alter aeon, and psycho strike. smile

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2016-08-08 07:35:39

Hello americrainian, if you have other mod that you want to apply in the game, the only that you have to do is:

1. copy the ffolder of your new mod, to the "mod" folder that is in to the root folder of your game
2. find the file soundrts.ini at the user folder in your soundrts folder, and open it.
3. look for a line that says: mods=X (where X is your current mod applied in the game) and modify the mods that are mentioned after the equals symbol writing the name of the folder of the new mod that are you applying.
After that, only save the file, and reopen your game, and that is all ^^

If you have some problems, please only ask :3

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2017-05-13 23:48:42

Sorry for reviving this up, but since I play it I don't know if there are updates like in a year?

I'm just a machine that shoots swampy bullets like crazy! Well not that crazy, but still...

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2017-05-14 00:01:18

I think they have crazy party as focus for now.

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2017-05-14 05:30:34


There is a beta10 of the bersion 9 of the CrazyMod for SoundRTS 1.2 alpha9. This version is available in French and in English, but there is not an updated documentation.

The main changes:
- The bug about the elephants with turret is fixed.
- Some towers have now a food cost.
- The spying airship can now drop a secret agent, and the secret agent can drop a hidden bomb.
- The traps are now setted by unities: the lectric trap by the mobile sensor, the bone trap by the ghoul, the root trap by the centaur, the spike trap by the prowler.

You can download this version on this page: http://pragmapragma.free.fr/soundrts-crazymod/ (the link after "test the last beta").

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2017-05-14 21:27:09

Interesting changes. Are there plans to continue development of the mod or has it been abandoned?

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2017-05-14 23:00:24

On the subject of soundrts mods, the blitskrig mod installer does not appear to be 64 bit complient.
Does such an installer exist for this mod or is there a binary distro or a github or something I can get it from.
Sadly I also found soundrts 1.0 is also not 64 bit compatible and while a legacy version if I could install these things on my 64 bit system then thats fine.
I'd really like to stay 64 bit if I can since this is the future of things.
After the last reload of windows I decided to go 64 bit and while only a couple games were effected soundrts was one of those.
also does crazymod have an installer 64 bit complient?
I have the binary so its fine but still.

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2017-05-15 06:34:18

Crashmaster, soundrts, any version, works fine on windows x64

You don't have to do  anithing special to get the game works.
Only download the binary zip version and you're OK.

And pragma, thanks for continuing update this awesome mod.
Waiting for more updates in the future.

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2017-05-15 07:11:16

I also hope to continue to develop crazymod, Also hope that the original developers can achieve more functions

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2017-05-15 10:34:35 (edited by SoundMUD 2017-05-15 10:37:00)

I have checked the SoundRTS 1.0 installer (1.0.1 to be precise), it works on Windows 10, 64 bits. The Blitzkrieg installer works too if you change the installation folder. Note that the software used to create the installer of Blitzkrieg is probably NSIS instead of Inno Setup. Some parameters of the installer might be different too.

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