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i am going to do a short walkthrough, but not anything that would be
considered spoilers. before i do let me explain a few game concepts.
the double footsteps sound you hear is your character going up or
down stairs, so when you hear this sound you have gone up or down
a level. to go back search the stairs again. you will know a stairwell by
the description "to floor xx" on the map, where xx represents the floor
(number)ittakes you to. there is an exception to this which i will
explain in better detail later in this post and that is that there are
grates or holes in which you can only proceed one direction
(downward). be sure before you read on you have vertical navigation
set in your router as i will go over how to use it in detail.
your inventory screen can be confusing at first, but it breaks down
something like this. the top portion is your character and what they
are currently wearing. the center is your options such as equip,
unequip, and destroy. below this is an itemized list of your items. a slot
that is empty is represented by a "0", so if you see this in either area,
it means that slot is empty. to equip an item you must first double tap
equip and then the item you wish to wear. to unequip an item do the
same except click the item from your equipment slot rather than your
inventory. it is not necessary to unequip an item to equip another.
there is also a useful tool to compare an item to something you are
waring. to do this click the info button then an item you wish to cross
compare to what you are wearing. once the item description is open,
find the "compare" button and press it. you will now notice that when
it reads you the stats of an item, it will either say +, - or nothing if the
value is equal to what you are wearing.
once you create a character you will be placed into the world (after a
short delay for loading)
when you begin the game you are in the center of a 5 by 10 grid map,
or floor 1. to the north of you is a locked door to floor 4, to the west is
a stairwell to floor 2, and to the east a stairwell to floor 3. there is
nothing of exception here but it is a good room to look through the
graphical world map and see the layout i described. it is an open room
with no hallways/tunnels/elevations, so you can walk around without
it is also important to note that your character does not remain center
focused in the world mapat all times. what this means is that your
character will not remain in the middle of the map, and will move
around it similarly to how a chess piece moves around a chess board.
for example, if your character is in room 4, it can be found in the very
top right corner of the map. if your character is in room 10, it can be
found in the middle, on the very left hand side of the map.
part 1: find the key
you start the game in room 12 of floor 1. first off you need to find a
key to open the door to the north. i won't tell you exactly where the
key is, but i will say it is on floor 2. findroom 12 on the map and swipe
left to highlight room 11, and then double click the room. this should
take you one room closer to the stairwell to floor 1. keep walking until
you find the stairwell, it should take you to floor 2 as soon as you step
onto it. you should now be on floor 2 room 14. move around this area
to find the key to unlock the door to floor 4. once you have done so
take the stairwell back to floor 1 and find room 12, the room you
originally started from.
part 2: enter the sewers
now that you have found the key and are standing back on room 12 of
floor 1, walk northward until a tone and dialogue box pops up telling
you that you need a key. dismiss this notification and take another
step northward. another box will appear informing you that you used
your key. dismiss this as well. you should now be standing in the
sewers room 22 floor 4. take a moment to look around the map with
your finger. you will notice that there is sewer water directly ahead of
you but that the north, west and eastern edges have apath. that path
is elevated and can not be accessed except from one direction. think of
it like a catwalk or tunnel.
part3: first combat
now that you have taken a look around the map at what floor 4 looks
like, take a step northward to room 17. you should automatically be
drawn into battle. a dialogue help box will appear, find the done
button three quarters of the way down the screen and click it. the
battle screen is divided into several parts. the upper quarter is taken
up by npcs, the upper middle quarter player and pet stats, the lower
middle quarter with skills and potions, and the very last bottom quarter
is your action log. i won't lie and say the battle interface is super easy
to navigate for new users, but it is very easy once you understand
what you are looking at.
It is important to understand that it is best to use the horizontal swipe
gesture for combat, as things are mostly layed out horizontally, at
least it is with voice over. Take some time to swipe around the screen
to learn where certain things are located and how best to get to them.
To attack first touch your finger on the screen about one thirdn from
the bottom until you either find your skills or potions. If you find your
potions, swipe left until you find your skills. Double tap one of your
offense skills, (It should repeat the skill to you) and then tap about a
quarter down from your camera at the top of the screen. Now swipe
right and you will notice it will start to read you a few things such as
"NPC 3", the name of an NPC, and your character name without a
percentage. To attack find the NPC name with a percentage bar (for
best results) and double tap it. Otherwise find the word "NPC1 and do
the same. I will warn you though, there is a known bug where an NPC
% bar will not be read by voice over. This is a bug that appeared when
Apple last updated their IOS and TouchMint is/has been working on it.
If thi happens simply look for the blank space or the word "NPC 1/2/3".
Continue to attack when your turn comes up until you are victorious.
Collect your rewarad by pressing "Pick up items". It is not necessary to
look at anything else in this screen as it is easier to inspect your loot in
more detail in your inventory.
Part 4: Explore the Sewers
Now that you have hopefully survived your first combat it is time to
explore. You will notice you are now standing in sewer water, this
room with sewer water can only be exited by leaving eastward from
room 8 to the stone path room 9. To get to room 8 walk north until
you find room 7, then walk one room east to room 8, then exit the
waters eastward to room 9. Make your way south from room 9, battle
the two NPCs then make your way back north to room 4. Keep in mind
you will encounter enemies along the way. Once you are at room 4
make your way westward to room 0. Remember to search each room
by double clicking the space or pressing the search button in your
movement pane. Before moving on from room 0I should warn you that
the way down to floor 5 is a sewer grate, and is a one way drop. It
isn't anything to concern yourself with as you can go into the bottom of
your skillbook and portal back up to floor 3 at anytime, regardless if
you have orbs or not. Now continue on south (remember to search) to
room 15 which is the grate to floor 5. It will automatically drop you into
floor 5 room 15. Take a look again at the world map and you will see
that this floor is primarily tunnels leading to stairwells to other floors.
From this point on it is fairly straight forward as you can only go in a
straight line down which ever tunnel you are currently exploring.
The map can be easier navigated if you use both vertical and
horizontal navigation. This eliminates the need to constantly touch
around the screen hoping you highlighted the correct room to search
in, especially since you can only walk North, south, east or west of the
room your character currently resides in. It is also a good way to scout
the floor before moving your character, since you will be moving in the
same pattern as you swipe.
This was a basic description of how to get to floor 5 from the starter
point. I can go into more detail if there are things in between that you
or anyone else is having issues with, but I will not post direct spoilers
in the forum. I will drect those questions to private messages to not
diminish the game for others. This includes the pets currently in the
game, as I have memorized directions to each one.

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