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greetings fighters

making this thread for all of the SFV players out there that's looking for tips and tricks for the game. also if you have any questions,  need help with menus, or want to get in some fights with other sfv players on audiogames we can do that all on this thread

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2016-02-17 18:25:01 (edited by smoothgunner 2016-02-17 22:44:00)

here is a list of the current rosters v skills/v triggers

Let’s start off with a few definitions. V-Skills are one of the many parts of gameplay that makes a character unique, and accentuates their given archetype. They can be performed at any time by pressing MP+MK, and do a great job of building V-Meter. V-Triggers, on the other hand, can only be activated once the V-Meter is full. They generally provide a boost in abilities that differs from character to character. Each one is tied to a timer that slowly drains.

Now let’s get into character specifics.


V-Skill – Mind’s Eye

Ryu’s V-Skill, Mind’s Eye, is essentially a simplified version of Street Fighter III’s parries. All attacks can be countered in this way, even those that hit more than once if you use proper timing. Each blow Ryu parries will add to his V-Meter.


V-Trigger – Denjin Reiki

Denjin Renki gives Ryu access to powerful hadoukens that are quicker, deal increased damage, and build stun at a higher rate thanks to their electrical charge. Fireballs can also be charged, giving them the ability to dole even more pain as well as guard break blocking opponents. These buffs also apply to his Shinku Hadouken, transforming it into the mega-powerful Denjin Hadouken.



V-Skill – Rankyaku

Chun-Li’s Ranyaku is a special jump that rises at a lower angle their her regular jump. On the way down, she can use aerial attacks, including specials like her airborne Hyakuretsukyaku.


V-Trigger – Renkiko

Renkiko gives Chun-Li additional hits on her normal attacks tied to a timer. While lights aren’t adjusted, mediums get one extra hit and heavies get two. Specials don’t receive any benefits.



V-Skill – Bullet Clear

Much like Ryu’s V-Skill, Bullet Clear provides Nash with a reliable way to counter projectiles by literally absorbing their power. If he’s close enough to the opponent, Bullet Clear will damage the opponent. Both functions add to his V-Meter.


V-Trigger – Sonic Move

Nash’s Sonic Move is a teleport that places the Alpha veteran in a different position depending on the accompanying input. Nash can appear behind the opponent on the ground, behind them in the air, or in front of them in the air, and is able to act as soon as he becomes visible.


M. Bison

V-Skill – Psycho Reflect

Another projectile absorption technique, Psycho Reflect gives M. Bison the added benefit of a retaliatory fireball of his own should players continue to hold the buttons down. The dictator can also absorb regular attacks.


V-Trigger – Psycho Power

Upon activating Psycho Power, M. Bison’s dash is given teleportation properties that make it capable of passing through fireballs and other forms of offense. Additionally, his Somersault Skull Diver and Double Knee Press specials cause him to disappear, making them more difficult to properly gauge.



V-Skill – Axel Spin Knuckle

The former Bison Doll’s Axel Spin Knuckle returns in Street Fighter V, now bound to the V-Skill input. Like before, it passes through projectiles, and Cammy will even pass through opponents should she be close enough.


V-Trigger – Delta Drive

Cammy gets added damage and hits on her special moves with Delta Drive, increasing her ability to smother opponents with her unrelenting pressure.



V-Skill – Break Time

Birdie’s V-Skill comes in three different flavors. At neutral, the gluttonous fighter munches down on a donut for a large V-Meter boost, holding down gives him a small V-Meter boost as well as a rolling projectile, and holding back places a banana peel on the ground that can trip opponents and set up combo opportunities.


V-Trigger – Enjoy Time

Eating the Enjoy Time pepper provides Birdie with increased range on his specials while also adding armor and damage. The burst of fire at the beginning can hit airborne opponents and extend combos.



V-Skill – Quick Step

Quick Step allows Ken to close distance on the opponent with a short run. Near the end, he can input attacks, including his step kick.


V-Trigger – Heat Rush

The flames channeled by Heat Rush power up Ken’s special attacks with more damage and hits, and the altered trajectory provides different combo opportunities.



V-Skill – Culminated Power

Similar to C. Viper in Street Fighter IV, Necalli’s V-Skill is a ground pound with a varying range that depends on which direction you hold.


V-Trigger – Torrent of Power

More than any other V-Trigger, this turns Necalli into a much different character, opening up combo possibilities thanks to his improved frame data and unique Critical Art.



V-Skill – Matador Turn

Building on his legacy as a tricky fighter, Vega’s V-Skill first dodges the opponent’s attack before launching a counter. The counter can be canceled by immediately pressing another button.


V-Trigger – Bloody Kiss

Vega throws a rose that, on hit, sees him follow up with a series of attacks that can be utilized as a combo extender. This can be done while crouching for an anti-air rose as well as during a forward jump.


R. Mika

V-Skill – Mic Performance

Like any professional wrestler worth their salt, R. Mika’s mic skills are impeccable. Her V-Skill allows her to give a blistering speech on any number of topics, powering up her throws along the way. The longer the inputs are held, the stronger she gets, and a single hit of armor gives players some leeway. When the buttons are let go, R. Mika tosses the microphone at her opponent.


V-Trigger – Nadeshiko

R. Mika’s tag-team partner Nadeshiko becomes an assist with this V-Trigger, and is capable of attacking from three different angles depending on the direction that’s held. Neutral is a body splash from the top of the screen, back is a drop kick from the front, and forward is a drop kick from behind.



V-Skill – Front Flip, Rolling Assault

Rashid is unique in that he essentially has two separate V-Skills. The first, Front Flip, is exactly that: the Arab fighter flips forward, during which players can press kick for a divekick.


Rolling Assault, on the other hand, is a quick forward roll that is capable of transitioning into an upward kick.


V-Trigger – Ysaar

If traps and oki are your thing, you’re going to get a lot of out Rashid’s V-Trigger. The cyclone it produces moves forward slowly and damages the opponent, but Rashid can also use it to increase his momentum.



V-Skill – Meioken

Karin’s V-Skill is a palm strike that can dissipate projectiles and knock down the opponent. Holding the inputs will charge the move for beneficial hit and block properties.


V-Trigger – Kanzuki-Ryu Guren no Kata

Fans of previous Karin incarnations will likely get a lot of mileage out of her V-Trigger, as it opens up her true, variable fighting style. After the opening attack, Karin can transition into a number of different attacks, including an overhead, a sweep, a backdash, and more.



V-Skill – Iron Muscle

What would Zangief be without a silly pose? With his V-Skill, the Russian grappler can absorb one hit (which translates into recoverable health loss). Holding the buttons lets Zangief walk forward slowly, and he’ll pose once more when the input is released, damaging the opponent if they are close enough.


V-Trigger – Cyclone Lariat

As a grappler, Zangief wants to be as close to his enemies as possible. Fortunately, his V-Trigger sucks in the opposing player and lands multiple attacks should the buttons be held.



V-Skill – Linear Movement

As the name implies, Laura’s V-Skill is all about spacing. Holding back sees the newcomer dodge backwards, while forward results in a quick forward dash. You can also play mind games with opponents by keeping your stick at neutral, which translates into an overhead kick.


V-Trigger – Spark Show

Although Blanka has yet to make an appearance in Street Fighter V, Laura upholds both his Brazilian heritage and skills with electricity. Spark Show improves stun on a number of Laura’s attacks, gives her projectile added range, and increases the distance she travels with her V-Skill.



V-Skill – Yoga Float

While he’s already a rather floaty fighter, Dhalsim’s V-Skill takes that a step further by giving him the ability to hang above the ground for a few more seconds, during which all of his air attacks and specials are at his disposal.


V-Trigger – Yoga Burner

Doing his best Dormammu impression, Dhalsim lays down a carpet of flame when his V-Trigger is activated. Opponents standing in the fire will take continual (but recoverable) damage. The initial hit also deals damage and knockdown.



V-Skill – Nishodoku

F.A.N.G’s V-Skill produces a slow-moving projectile. While it doesn’t result in any direct damage, it does apply a poison status to the opponent that slowly drains their life. Additionally, Nishodoku doesn’t interact with other projectiles or even inflict hit stun on its victim.


V-Trigger – Dokunomu

Continuing with the poison theme, Dokunomu surrounds F.A.N.G with a toxic cloud that damages nearby opponents.


credits to shoryuken.com for this info/list

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2016-02-17 20:51:31

Where did you pull this list from? Credits should probably be listed... just saying.


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2016-02-18 00:48:52

What happens when you launch the game for the first time? Do you have to sign up for a fighter id that I keep hearing about?
Are there any weird menus before the main one?

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2016-02-18 01:02:41

When you first launch the game, it will ask you to confirm your country, by making you choose a country flag.
The icon/flag that you are on for that screen when you first get there is a street fighter flag. Choose this one, if you don't want to choose your country flag. To choose the US flag, it's all the way down, and then, 1 up. The screen to choose your flag does not wrap.
Then, after that, the next screen will ask you to put in a player ID. you go to the next screen, which will actually let you start typing in the Name. After that, the server will check to see if the name has been taken, and if it hasn't been taken, you can go ahead and confirm that you would like to use that name. You are put on no. To confirm, just go once to the left. The confirm screen does not wrap, which is a good thing.
I'm sorry if i got any of this wrong.

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2016-02-18 01:09:20

The ps4 version asks you to agree to the license and then dumps you in the tutorial. The fighter ID thing actually can either be done at the beginning, or from the log in option in the main menu, if memory serves.


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2016-02-18 11:49:26

uh AF watch your mouth, I came up with that vskill list and its contents by myself
lol just kidding man, I gave credit to shoryuken.com at the end of the list, you did have a point, I didn't even think to do that

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2016-02-18 11:58:53

hi. are there any accessibility features included in the game? I've heard some months ago that there will be some accessibility for blind people programmed into the game so I'm really curious about this but I don't want to spend money on something that I can't fully enjoy. how are the menus? how are the fights going? can you know when the V meter is full? can you determine the opponnents position in stereo just like in some of MK series and skull girls?
thanks in advance.

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2016-02-18 19:24:01

I'm interested in this topic, but I will not buy the game until June, date that will be released full story mode
greetings and thanks.

sorry my english, is not my native language.

2016-02-18 19:41:50

The answers to those questions are, simply put. Menus are alright once you learn them like any other game, fights are good, yes you can, and yes you can. Most of this information can be found by watching youtube videos... there are sounds for v meter, ex gage, even blocking different attacks has different sounds.


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2016-02-19 09:23:39

I have to be honest, I don't find this game assessable at all, it crashes a lot, its hard to get out of menus at times because you just can't simply press circle to go back at certain times.....maybe I have to pay attention to the sounds more, but I cant tell when v trigger meters or any meter for that matter is full......I can go on and on, im telling you now, if you don't have a little bit of site you will get frustrated with this game.....kki and mortal kombat is so much more easier to navagate

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2016-02-19 09:34:16

Sorry... gotta disagree there. I've had no problem finding menus and backing out when I need to, online is solid despite a few crashes I've had since Tuesday, and the sounds for meter are definitely there. Menus are a little more confusing because similar to guilty gear and blazblue, they aren't simply the up and down menus that most people are used to. I have no sight at all and am enjoying the game immensely. Have won a few matches online and am working on beating all the different survival ladders.


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2016-02-19 10:52:56

I have to agree with Assault here. I can use the menus fine. All the sounds work for me, and i have no problems. I'm on PC BTW.

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2016-02-19 16:04:27

I recently picked up the game on pc, and I agree, menus are uite easy to go through, if you can't press circle to go back it usually means that you are in the main menu.

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2016-02-20 19:04:43

well since we have a few players that have picked up the game.....are there any tips or combos that you all would like to share? and one more thing I have a problem with is the sound at times. during fights I will find myself for a split second not knowing which side I am on, and in a fighting game not knowing where you are is a big factor even if its only for a short period of time, I rarely have this problem in ki or mk......I don't know if the panning is off or what, and yes I am using headphones, pulse sony gaming headphones to be exact

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2016-02-20 19:27:25

I have never had a problem with panning in this game or any of the other SF games that have it. Interesting to note, even SF 2 for the arcade had it back in the day... didn't find this out until I tried playing an emulated version. lol As for tips and combos, that is very character specific. I will share what I have as soon as I find anything worth sharing. Don't have too much time for gaming these days.


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2016-02-20 21:27:30

I'll let you know a tip once I've learned the menus, but I thin if it's possible to turn down the music, it might help as you'll be able to hear the match sounds much clearer. Once I find out how to do this, I will let you know.

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2016-02-20 21:33:51

yes thats the first thing I always do when I break open a fighting game is turn down the music......well if anyone wants to test there skills against the gunner drop your psn names and we can get in a couple matches through share play.....the method of sending an invite through your personal fighter name is not easy so I found it just easier to do it this way

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2016-02-20 21:37:00

Share play isn't for playing against each other... it's supposed to be for letting you hand over the control to someone else, if I'm not mistaken as I've only used the feature a couple times. I haven't broken in my online time yet, since I haven't bought my anual ps + subscription and have no time this weekend to enjoy free online. And it's funny, but this game and Killer instinct are the only two fighting games where I have music turned all the way up.


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2016-02-21 00:59:15 (edited by Deng 2016-02-21 01:00:36)

Hey there. Here's how to get to options. If you can find the Versus mode menu, it's 1 to the right of that. Sound setting is the first option in that menu. From there, just use up and down to go to the different settings, and left and right, to set them to the way you want. After that, just back out of the sound settings, and options, and you should be good.
As for combos, I actually got a list of them from Justin Wong. I did post them to my twitter, but, I can post them here for you guys as well. Here is my link. And yes, I asked Justin Wong through dm to make sure that I can share his combo list.

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2016-02-21 01:02:33 (edited by Xoren 2016-02-21 01:04:31)

  • (Inspired by a combo of Justin Wong's) Jump forward, HK, LK-MK target combo, Down + LP, QCB + LK, QCB X2 + P.

  • (Mid screen distance from opponent) QCF + MK, LP-MP target combo, V Trigger, LP-MP target combo, QCB+MK, QCB X2 +P.

  • QCF + 2 kicks, LP-MP target combo, QCF + 2 punches, any punch to fire the second sonic blade, V Trigger, LK-MK target combo, Down + LP, QCB + 2 kicks.

This site's drama(s) needs major popcorn!

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2016-02-21 02:21:15

Thanks Deng and Zoren! Though I'd love to know how you managed to get in contact with Justin Wong. lol Not that I want to myself, I'm simply curious. Will be experimenting with these for sure.


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2016-02-21 03:08:34

how you play a game like sfv with music turned all the way up amazes me.....thx for the combos guys keep em coming....and as for share play yes you can play head to head in games like the person was sitting right there with you

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2016-02-21 03:31:52

Ah right. Guess that makes sense... taking advantage of the game's technically local vs and not going through its native online. But you also don't earn fight money that way. lol


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2016-02-21 07:55:08

I am pretty alright with Justin Wong, because like i said, I'm always on his twitch, whenever he is streaming. I interact with the chat room, and chat to him.

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