2015-08-15 18:59:48

After some time of work, I'm happy to announce the 2D Framework!
Since I think most people here code in BGT, I've done it with BGT.
This is a template game you can build your game in.
It implements a basic map representation, basic object handling and
basic movement code.
That is, the basics of any 2D game.
It includes some sounds from some audiogames but I think it shouldn't be
a problem since this is an example.
I've done the code as simple as possible so you can figure things right
at looking at the source.
If you want to test it before modifying it, launch "framework.bgt".
Do with it what you want, and, most importantly, enjoy.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/6gata1zj4mihn … 4.zip?dl=1

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2015-08-16 20:14:01

great one! thanks!

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2015-08-24 05:44:41

Hmm. Now I wish I can get this in Python. I understand that more than BGT, as evident from Learn Python the Hard Way, or what I've managed to complete with it.

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2015-08-24 18:20:45

I think I could try implementing it in Python too.
The thing with Python is that I can't get a pan system like BGT working
in Pygame, and OpenAL seems very advanced to me.
I think someone posted a script to convert BGT pan values to Pygame ones
but I couldn't find it.
Anyways, if someone knows the formulas I'll be very grateful, because I tried
various ways of doing it but they failed.

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2015-08-25 01:09:38

There's PyAL which is a thin wrapper around OpenAL, though it can only load wav files and doesn't come with mouse/key input handling. I played around with it for abit before bouncing back to lower level OpenAL in Pyglet, if you want some sample scripts for positional audio in either I can try and put something together.

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2018-01-18 15:12:17

hello guys can i get this bac be cause i need to look the 3d map how itis working

2018-01-18 18:39:04

can someone post it somewhere else? i get the trafic thing when i try to download

one day, i will host a road to rage server...
one day, i will have a website with games i learned to code

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2018-01-20 00:11:19

@thggamer i got an error 429 downloading your framework. Why don't you rty github for sharing codes? And if you need i may help with it, if you don't want to use OpenAL try using the formulas on the soundrts's source code. Needing any kind of help just search me on skype, it's on my profile.

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2018-01-20 09:18:27

I know I tend to see problems with something where others see good, and that kinda rains on everybody's parade, but the thing here is, what you've done is made it easier for people to make crappy games. What I mean by this is that if someone didn't know how to code the movement system you've just made, now they have no need to ever learn to do that. Now they have a way to pop some sounds into a pre-made thing and go right, here's a game. So, if they couldn't code the movement system, what else might not they be able to code, a weapon class, enemy spawning? item spawning, etc.

Now, you will have those who will use the thing correctly and in what I take to be the spirit of the project, that being something that can save you time and get you going rapidly, but I see a lot of people seeing this as shortcut to instant gratification, instant game, instant release, instant glory, etc. I hope a lot of folks realize that cutting corners never gets you anywhere, but some may not. I know from my own struggles with certain aspects of BGT that it would be nice to have something pre-made that would do this thing so I didn't have to do it, but its temptation that's gonna lead you into trouble. I may to be religious, but they got that right, you gotta get a handle on temptation in your life, or it'll control you, take you into bad places, etc.

SO, it sounds like you've got a cool thing going on, I just hope that people use it as a study guide, or an example they can learn from, and if they implement it in their game, they're fully ready to take responsibility for coding the rest of it and not leaving it in a state of complete chaos.

It's also cool that we have so many people interested in learning to code. What I'm not a fan of seeing though is these games that pop up all over the place and people saying oh this game is so cool, and its really not, its under whelming. Not to them though, and they made an accomplishment, even if the game isn't that exciting, they still released code that runs, you hit buttons and stuff happens. That's a big deal, but I don't look forward to seeing all these titles that are just buggy buggy BGT things. I hate to keep bringing it back to that, but it just bothers me to see that stuff going all over the place, and like I said in other posts, make a compelling game in BGT and I'll play it. I'll even buy it. Who knows, if its good enough, I might buy it for other people lol.

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2018-01-21 18:24:13


I've pushed the repository to GitHub, since my Dropbox was blocked for
an unknown reazon to me.

@Brian, if you want to add to it, feel free. I'd happy to include your
About the 3d Sound libraries (OpenAL and LibAudioVerse), I made some progress with them but
it unfortunately can only be implemented with other programming

@ironcross32 I understand your point. My small framework only contains
the very basic things that make up a game. The game itself is the responsibility
of the person that uses the framework to create. I did this because I
needed to create a game and needed to make all this from scratch, and
figured if I shared this with the community they could create their
games more easily.
But the truth is I need to agree with your comment, but there's nothing
I can do to stop it.

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2018-01-23 13:51:10 (edited by brian.kurosawa 2018-01-23 13:55:06)

@thggamer i'm really looking forward to see more games comming from you. Of cource we have a lot of programmers on Brazil, or who likes to say it. Unfortunately they only live copying and gaining reputation with other's efforts. I'll be glad to help you in what i can. I just sent you a pm.

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2018-01-24 20:23:01

at the tile class i think that there is no need for inheritance, i think it is better to write:

class tile {
string file;
bool passable;
int risc;
tile(string file, bool passable, int risc = 0) {
this.file = file;
this.passable = passable;
this.risc = risc;

it is sweet to write:
tile grass("grass.wav", true);
of corce inless inheritance is for other future use.
just an oppinion, anyway i'm ready to help this project at anytime.

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2018-01-25 18:57:15 (edited by thggamer 2018-01-25 18:59:40)

@2maidi That was a good suggestion! I have added it.
This framework is here to make things easy, not for complicate people's lives.
@brian I have replied your PM.
Ah something I forgot to say. Feel free to send pull requests with suggestions you think are good, it will make the framework even better.

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2018-01-25 20:58:55

How do I download this from GitHub?

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2018-01-25 21:04:58

@Orin you can use git, but if you don't have git you can use this link https://github.com/thgcode/2dframework/ … master.zip

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