2011-06-16 07:02:02

Hi, sorry for bringing this thread back up, but, I am wondering if there has or will ever be any further development on Extend? I really like that game and and was really looking forward to the full extent of it's capabilities!!!!!

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2011-06-30 17:25:11

Well  I guess we won't see any more versions of this game, its sad that the good games have to die out like that.

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2011-08-12 18:29:50

Can you release the full game?
It will be coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
Ok, enough for my spam! because, I do this, i'm very annoying, the good game just died quickly.
You all like the nasty keywasfull, boath in here, and  in klango!

I read help files which covers all aspects of coding,
I open a text editor and put many lines of code while adding files to make the project works properly, then saving it as a BGT format,
I did some testing and fixing incorrect codes until it's ready to be compiled to an executable format,
I am a blastbay tool user! I am now able to create any game or small programs with it!

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2011-09-11 23:31:45

may i suggest this user is banned?
utterly pointless post!

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2011-09-12 17:49:58


Hanif, please stop with the coooooool, type of repeated letters business, it's a pain to read and really doesn't add much to the discussion.

That being said Robla, please don't suggest we ban people unless they're spambots, just report the post and leave it at that. That's the way to start major flame wars and arguements.

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2011-09-19 05:23:01

has anything happened to this game lately?

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2011-09-24 11:21:40

Hi all.
Can you upload this demo, because link in first post is broken.
I want to try this game.

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2011-09-24 12:56:27

Hi Everyone,

Yes, the download links were changed during the server upgrade...
For the latest news see http://creativehero.es/Extant or follow us on Twitter:

Download for PC

Download for MAC

We're definitely planning on releasing this game, but we have to finish our current projects first. And we want it to be good and balanced, so this will take some time to get it all right. We'll keep you up to date...Thank you for your patience!

Sander - Creative Heroes / AudioGames.net

2011-09-24 14:09:12 (edited by aaron 2011-09-24 14:21:23)

thanks for the news. looking forward to it! I wonder what sort of story line the game will have, if any? or will it just be blast zombies and move on to next environment?
edit: i checked out creative heroes itself, and it's great, but, i wish earworm.com was accessible! the bulk of it is in flash -- the search section. anyway, back to extant... the sounds in the game are rather neet, and the 3d audio is just awsome!

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2014-01-26 00:20:32

Heh, so I'm guessing this project was abandoned.
Real shame, seemed pretty cool.

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2015-04-09 15:52:05

Hi after extracting a zip file The game loads and nothing happen.
Only music is running and there is no way to restart it.

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