2008-02-10 23:29:59

Hi All!

I'm a blind person living in England and a total SudoSan addict. I've also posted this message to the SudoSan forum. When I went to play the game this evening, the game didn't load and instead I was presented with an advert for 3G mobile phones. There was no option to close this advert and for the game to load. I also waited a few minutes, to see if the game would start by itself, but that didn't happen either. I've also noticed that the link to the SudoSan forum from the SudoSan home page isn't working either.

Could someone please tell me what's going on and when things should return to normal, as everything was working just fine yesterday and I'm struggling to survive without my daily challenges from SudoSan.

I also tried sending a similar posting to this one directly to the site owners, but the spam filter errored my message and pointed me to this forum instead.

Thanks very much in advance for any help and advice.

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2008-02-11 20:42:11

Yippy! SudoSan has returned and is now working again.

Many thanks! and happy number chrunching everyone!.

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