2011-01-05 19:06:02

Hi, when I hit enter on the curb game, it starts.  Then I hit the dash on the numpad.  However when I hear the cars and, hit up or down arrow, it doesn't do anything.  Also when I hit space to hear the score, it just acts like I'm hitting space on the regular sight.  I'm use windows vista and, jfw 11.  I also downloaded the shockwave player.

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2011-06-07 19:32:33

Hey. Sorry this post is rather late but i've only just registered. Firstly you need to unload your screne reader when you press enter. Then you carry on as normal. HTH [smile]

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2011-12-01 16:57:16

You do know you have to hold the arrow, right? Pressing it won't work on its own. And as Lauren said you do have to unload your screenreader.

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2013-07-09 02:19:00

I am new to this site and would like to play a game.  So, how do I gey to the games?

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2013-07-23 11:57:31

Hi! See http://audiogames.net/thecurbgame/

2014-01-03 05:49:07

Hi,i'm a swom player and have got two problems which need to be solved on my account please. First,i just logged in to play on my account today and i don't know why my level has been reset. My actual level is 200 something but now it started from 1 again. Second,my all weapon are lost and i need someone who can explain to me what it happens please. To make it easier,this is my id or user name which is robetto and password is england
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