2007-04-20 18:32:05

So Dark, (and anybody else who wants to vent their beliefs and thoughts).

I recently watched this movie/docu. and I thought it was bad.
I realize it is meant for a wide public and I liked the acting and the way they combine a story with a documentary.
But I hate the way they try to tell everybody that this is IT, that materialism and determinism should be flushed down the drain without giving any argument to why, nor telling the audience that the only experiment they put forth that "proves" their point (the Emoto frozen water experiment) utterly fails to fight its counter-arguments, is hopelessly outdated and can in no attempt be re-created.
The movie picks a few small quotes from various people that they interviewed for 3 hours each, and than cramps them into 1.5 hours or so, of which most of the time, they are not speaking. This results in a wood of misinterpretations, and quotations ripped out of their contexts. One of the speakers Davic Albert, is outraged by this.
I get the feeling (but can't prove) that the movie makers wanted to jump into the hype of new agers and post-modernistic supporters (how do you call those people actually? Post-modernists?) that know little of science around the time they made it.

I think Determinism is still the most reliable point of view out there (and it can even go hand in hand with most forms of quantum physics.)

I wonder. What are your thoughts, on both the movie and the subject?

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2007-04-20 22:37:12

What exactly is the subject?

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2007-04-23 22:24:04

quantum physics.

Now that I think of it. Yeah, its kind of a broad subject.

Lets start with Determinism VS random movement of Quantum particles.

There was a time humanity thought Atoms moved randomly. Now we know better. They behave according to certain patterns and rules. But Quantum partial move "randomly". They appear to be humanity's last hope for a "free will" splitting up the universe every time we make a choice(and in most theory's every time every bit of matter makes a

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