2007-03-11 12:47:43 (edited by archer 2007-03-11 12:50:30)

i've always liked the idea of having my favorite ps2 games on me laptop, however again i am a novice at this and so need some tips and questions answered to do this.
first off, does anyone here know where i can get an emulater so i can put some of my games on the pc?
second, are they free?
third can you put ps1 games on  your laptop using ps2 emulaters?
fourth can you get the sounds off of them when they're on your computer / laptop.
thanks for the help.
best reg

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2007-04-15 22:09:45

I was wondering the same - it would be really cool if I could play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on my computer.
Does anyone no of some emulaters?

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