2007-03-30 12:34:21

The forum is getting bigger and bigger. In order to keep things organised, we created an off-topic room. If you like to discuss things about your operating system, skype, recording equipment, your favorite websites etc, use the Off topic room!

2007-03-30 13:56:28

Hi Sender.

I do like the idea and deffinately approve. However, I have a question. Where would discussion of non-audio, but stil accessible games on the Pc go? This could include Muds, text based brouser rpg games like Sryth and Kingdom of Loathing, interactive fiction, and maybe even some online game books as well.

If it's stil okay for these to be discussed in "General discussion" that's fine. Alternatively though, you might create a separate room for them, ----- text games discussion or something like.

It strikes me though, as accessible Pc games, they're not precisely as Ot as some of the things you mention, even though their not actually audio games.

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2007-03-30 17:11:05

I think games belong in games and they're not off-topic enough for a separate room...
This room is just for the totally different questions.

2007-04-02 21:43:41

Good idea, sander!

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2007-04-07 19:34:27

And just when I thought about it. Hehe.


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