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I am prateek from india, a gamer, student, and a youtuber.
I like to interact with new people and I would love to gane access in audio games forum.
and, I want to be updated with the gaming community as well.


hey this is madhusudan from nepal, a high school student, small youtuber, works at a radio, writing poems and of course always love to play audio games.


Hi Fawaz, you are now unrestricted.


I'm Fawaz, A computer science student, I am not into gaming world that much, but I like to try some games from time to time.
however, I have addiction of playroom, I've been there since 2011, (my user name is Fawaz).
other than that now a days playing Great toy robbery.
also tried crazy party and few other games, and a lot of games back in windows xp times.
great to be here.


Hi ryan, you are now unrestricted.


Hi everyone,

My name is Ryan, I look forward to engage in discussions and to learn from one-another.
My hobby's are Dungeons and Dragons, video games and music.


Hi james, you are now unrestricted.


Hey there. my name is James, I like audiogames and watching movies.


Vortex, shadyqueen and marco, you are all unrestricted. To anyone else, there is currently an issue where i can't access some member profiles to unrestrict, as in, there is no link, looking in to it, please be patient.


Hi, I'm a blind programmer who sometimes plays audiogames. I also value the off-topic section of this forum, learned a lot from it.


Hello there. I am a blind girl who loves audio gaming and loves discussing it as well. I think I could bring a lot of great discussion to the table. I love all kinds of gaming from rpg to board games, so I'll pretty much play anything, it just depends on my mood, lol!. I look forward to meeting all of you.


Hello my friends
I am alitce and I am from Spain smile


hello guys. my name is francesco or cisco and i am a 14 years old guy that lives in Italy. i am a musitian, i paly the violin and the piano and i used to play the guitar. i started playing audiogames when i was 11 years old. my favourite ones are eurofly, tubesim and others.


marko wrote:

Yes, i program. I love games like Adventure at C, Manamon, Oh shit, Crazy party and Scrolling battles, your world.

And oh, i am 19 years old. I just have a question. How can i add a text which will be shown after my message?


Yes, i program. I love games like Adventure at C, Manamon, Oh shit, Crazy party and Scrolling battles, your world.

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