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@furytornado's  you are now unrestricted. Feel free to explore the deepest threads. If you like chatting, there's a monthly chat each month if you aren't too sure what to talk about. Of course, you can pretty much post a topic about anything in the off topic room.


Hi there, Cameron here.

I'm new to your board and curious about exploring the deepest threads of it. I'm a passionate gamer, book reader, guitar player and that stranger who asks to pet your dog.

Hope you let me in and see ya in the off-topic and gaming areas smile


@blindaudiogamer you are now unrestricted.


I am new to these forums. I would like to get white listed. My name is dave from Philippines. I am totaly blind.


@achebit You are now unrestricted, and we're all looking forward to hearing more about your project.



My name is Christoper and I am an independent video game developer releasing under the name of Achebit. I recently had the idea to build an audio only game that could be played by people of all sight levels. It's a dungeon crawler and was initially developed for the 7DRL (seven day roguelike) game jam that just passed. I stumbled upon this community and the collection of audio games here and thought it would be the perfect place to share what I am working on.


@RubyCurry welcome to the forum, you are now unrestricted.


Hey Guys,

My name is Ruby R. Curry and I am new to the forum. Furthermore, I am a computer science graduate and I have been working as a software architect for Cloudways and I was the core member of the team which designed the full architecture to accommodate digitalOcean hosting serevr. Hence, enabling Cloudways to provide managed digitalOcean server. I am a big fond of games and I spend most of my leisure time playing and searching for the stuff like this. I am looking for the active interaction in the community.


@DylanCooper you are now unrestricted anyway, although just out of curiosity what sorts of games do you like?


Hello everyone, this is dylan cooper, newbie at this amazing forum I am such a gaming freak.


@Aaron: No problem. You are welcome. big_smile


I apologize for the delay with some of these older posts. Special thanks to slj for bringing this to my attention.
@Bobwicks @Finley @Oscar you are now unrestricted.
@nyx199032019 I apologize but there is some technical difficulties. I have informed the rest of the staff that for some reason, our forum software is not putting a link near your username at the moment, which would normally lead to your profile. I hope that we can get this sorted soon, but all I can do for now is apologize for the continued delay. This is the first (and so far only) time I have experienced this particular issue and I believe it is a software bug.


@Malia @Spoon you are both now unrestricted, @Malia sorry for the delay.
@SLJ thanks for bringing these older posts to my attention, I shall check them.


Hi. Aaron: Please read post #1,006.
You might check the following posts as well, and keep in mind that some of the members might be very poor at English, and is not able to answer what games they like most:
#986 #956 #958 #973
Then you should consider ban: #975.


Hi smile

I am new here in the audiogames community thingy. I like playing games but I've played games like rtr, audioquake and bk3. I just found out about this place and hope to get to know some people here.

Have an awesome day!

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