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@ball123 well honestly I was just here for hadies so I'll probably not post after that if I get aproved.

If not, it's not a big deal to me.


Right. I think you should not be joining back just right now, what if, you got annoyed again, and say it again, "I'm leaving?" Also, it's great you admitted that who you are, some of the users were thinking you will not even be admitting that you are Brad B. Though they were sure that you would create an ault and join back. Give yourself and others some more time, please.

Okay, people are making different aults, is my writing style similar to somebody else? I am not banned, see if anyone checks this topic can guess tongue.


@Ball123 damn, five topics? Yeah alright, if they want me to take a 6 month break or something, I'll do it.

Honestly I just came back for hadies but understand if the mods say I need to stay off of the forum for longer than I have.


Dam! I had to logout from my account to post here as a guest since I can't resist ROFL. Hey Brad, since you have created 5 topics to tell us that you are leaving, I don't think that you will be allowed in here just now, you got to prove it to us that you have learned to take breaks. Some of the forum members won't even believe it. So how you will deal with that? Not sure what the admins do, but I think, your first challenge is, to get your account back.


Hi. I'm Brad, I'm sure you guys remember me.

I've calmed down since last time and have learnt  to take breaks since then.


Hello My name is sebastian. I am new to audiogames but i used to be in klango. I like to play klango games still but i want to move on from it. And who is that boy overthere that spams the hell outa this topic? Go burn.


yo class gamers, yo! names flashmaster on hear, ok my name's adam from australia. lol sory about beeing so idiotic like but lol i love online games. like playing life by jim kitchen with me? lol or a bit of rs games? i'm a hot lover of that, and judgment day and toy robbery, yo l-works! hit'em up like. but yeah i'm a hot gamer. and what's this rubbish about this website going down? delete that post for so far, these awesome forums are cool! i specially like muds and shades of doom and a load more. lol i'd probably have to either send a pm to a few beautifull people about it all or put a game on the favourites list. so beautifull people, happy gaming and hey! lol i support websites and stuff, so this one is on my all time groove list! yo audiogamers, kick it up and blast more games!


hello i like audiogames. why shut this website down anyway? i love audiogames like rs games and other games that make you enjoy yourself. without this website i won't be able to have a laugh with anyone on hear. and seriously i find it so wrong to so much as shut it down. please don't do thiis for games are me. i like game review's as well and people either doing games audio version or just the game with only the actual game without there voice. audiogames is good. hope i can join. happy gaming


I love how you keep doing this. Just think, if you'd just, deleted, the, topic, I, got cautioned, this, would, never, have, happened. It's your own fault you have to clean up and deal with this mess. I can't help you can't forgive a simple license mistake and caution someone over it. I can't believe it. This is discusting. You are lucky, or should I say, I am lucky, to have lots of blind friends who are considering joining, but I am going to tell them the truth about this discusting, democratic, liberal, and most disgustingly, blind-people-minipulating excuse for a community. You all should just quit and tell the web masters to shut this place down, as I will do everything in my power to make sure this disgusting place is delt with, or as Jack would say, "deal with that sucker, will ya."


@Golden Dragon, @hard to destroy reptile, @WillTheTrueMan you're now all unrestricted.


My name is Will. I love to play audio learning platforms like Numbers Stuff and Typer by VipGamesZone. These are not audio games, but they are made by a company who made audio games.
I also enjoy playing with Learn Keys by APH and Talking Typer by APH. These are not supported anymore but still love them because you can download at


hay everybody. I am a former audio games forum user, but do to my data being corrupt and I had to reformat my computer, i had to sadly create a new account
I was formerly known as staticmaster, and I love playing audiogames like warsim, both manamon 1 and 2, and also like playing some online games like survive the whild and wayfar1444
thanks. I hope I would get to be back for ever


My name is Armen, I am 21 years old. I came to this site to read different posts and publish them in case I need help or I want to help someone.


@lspereira, @headphase and @bebita.princesa you are now unrestricted.



I'm Jake, studying music. Currently researching audio games, accessibility and echolocation as a preparation towards my major project next year. Thanks!

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