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Hi everyone, my name is pevida. I am from Algeria and I am 24 years old. I love to play audio games like many of you, and I am a big fan of this site.
Thanks to everyone involoved in the production of this website. You're doing a great work keep it up!


hi,y i kant powst hear?


I'm 18 years old, I'm dealing with codes, my favorite job is codes, and I signed up for this forum.
I'm blind, please let me open a subject!


hello all. my name is ilyas bounihi. i am from algeria. i love audio gaming. i love all people. i'd like to be evryone's friend.  thanks all


@psychostrike_player you're now unrestricted.


I like play audiogames like psychostrike and also manamon.


@Viik1nki, @alex_pw and @Night_King you're now all unrestricted.
@titan_of_war for some reason, the forum is not displaying any kind of link to your profile, so I don't have the ability to unrestrict you at the moment.


Hi all,
I am Night_King, from Iceland. I am blind since birth and like a lot of games, certainly zombie games like Swamp, that's my favorite.
Can you please unrestrict me so I can also make posts?


Hi there,

I'm Alex, I'm the creator of the online text-based game Politics and War. Some users recently mentioned to me that my game would be a good game for visually impaired persons, which makes sense to me.

A user recently posted a thread here: … dependent/ and I wanted to join the forum to answer any questions and also to learn more about accessibility concerns. I don't have a lot of experience with the user experience of people using screen readers and such, and I'd like to learn more and improve my game (and I also do web design, so my website work as well.)


I am audiogamer called Viik1nki from Finland.
My name in games is Viik1nki or Viikinki.


hello guys, my name is oscar but i also use titan of war alot, but that isn't the point, i am a 11 year old blind person, and have bin looking at this web site for a year now, i love to play piano rite songs horse back ride, and such, i play stw sbp sbyw and some times tube_sim. so if you could unrestricked this account, then that would, be, thee, best thing ever, thanks guys, smily


@Sam Smith, @black_dog, @AccessibleGameProject you're now all unrestricted.
@@AccessibleGameProject I'm looking forward to your research, so feel free to create a topic in general game discussion.


I am representing my group on this forum. We are senior computer science students tasked with creating accessible game features. Our concept is to take the research about spatial navigation and focus on that. We plan to also use screenreaders and exploring other options for feedback so that visually-impaired players are able to stay immersed and navigate 2D space with 3D audio.

It was suggested to sign up and post our survey here from r/blind on reddit. I am not sure about the rules so I will post the link here and if a mod could look over it and approve it. If not, please contact me. We are trying to get input from visually-impaired gamers but anyone can fill it out as all input is valuable.

We will not be profiting and this is for our senior competition.

Link to survey: … sp=sf_link


Hello. I am from Russia. I aM 42 years old. I play computer games from childhood. but as a child it was the other games because I was not blind. Now I play audiogames. I want to have access to the forum.


hello, again, admins, i am the last one, in page 7, if you set your posts to 75. , and thank you for keeping this system clean.

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