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@Ramdat Looking forward to it. Your account is now unrestricted. Thanks in advance for helping players of this game.


I created this account to post in the evolve incremental game thread to explain the flowchart with text.


@hamad_alqasar wow, registered since 2017. Well, I'll definitely unrestrict you as that's quite some time to wait, so here's a late welcome from me.
Now, @ball which character account password are you talking about? This is a forum account here.


Hi all,
hope all are good in these days smile
my profile talking about my self,

haha, i regestered since in 2017 , so, i am not sure why i am not posted in this forum, maybe because i don't have something to say in these good topics.
also i don't have a lot of time to check the forums, hope now i can post with you.


hello, admins, please send me my character account password


@character interesting. While this forum is mostly a gaming forum, we do have an off topic room where you will be able to discuss netflics and such. If you don't mind that, I'd be happy to unrestrict you. Keep in mind, most of the users on this forum are blind people.


hello! I like watch series, kid series, and dragon series in netflix


@prajwal that's weird. It's not showing you as restricted on my end. In fact it's showing you as Dark Matter Miner with 593 posts.


hey admins prajwal from india intrusted in audiogame cannot make topicks


@PatrykK welcome, you are now unrestricted.


Hi I am new on the ag forum I from Poland And like games like breed memorial

177, @alden and Perry Simm you are now all unrestricted.


My name is Perry Simm. Admittedly, it's not my real name. I value this community enough to be part of it, but I'm also aware of some toxicity going on here so I'd rather remain pseudonymous.
My interests range from playing poker to playing the piano, sometimes even playing the fool.
This world needs more fools.
Cheers Perry


Hello everyone. I also faced the same problem. When I coming to the forum then this problem occurs. Thanks for solving the problem.


Hi. My name, as you see, is Alden. I am known on a lot of games as alden, aldenmaster, or aldenmaster06. One of the games you might find me on a lot it SBYW, scrolling battles, your world. I have a main on there, Alden's main. You can skype me at alden172006, or pm me when I am online. So, yeah

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